Honeymooning In A Winter Wonderland:

We see you've returned, oh mighty Bro, Son of Brodin. We are sure, after reading our fascinating post on Summer Honeymoon destinations, you have everything planned out to perfection for your amazing, manly, and lavish Honeymoon Adventure… Unless.

Unless you made the ever so slight error of planning your wedding for the colder months of the year. Not that a Winter Wedding is a bad idea per se'. It just makes a bad platform for a Summer Honeymoon. But hey, on the bright side, it makes an excellent platform for planning a Winter Honeymoon! Scary how that works out, isn't it?

Anyways, have a seat, because we have a list of The Best Winter Honeymoon Destinations that are almost as awesome as our Founder's Line of manly wedding bands. And yes, you can go ahead and click that link before reading the rest of this post. We don't mind. Something has to pay the bills around here, and the humor just isn't cutting it.

Wanna Get "Mile High?":

If you're looking for some thrills to go with your chills, why not answer your question of "Where Should We Go On Our Honeymoon" with "The Mile High City?" Denver has a lot more to offer than you think, whether your thoughts lead to scoping out Downtown, or setting out for a bit of skiing at one of the resorts just a couple hours away.

Yeah, it may seem counterproductive to head to one city just to travel even further, but hear us out: A sweet ski lodge is all well and good for your average vacation, and may provide some well-deserved excitement on your Honeymoon. But you likely have more, shall we say, "intimate plans" in mind. And a week spent cooped up in your ski lodge suite would be a real waste of a reservation. So, split the difference, spending a couple days in the city, a couple skiing, and then a few more in the city.

Take in a Bronco's game if you like. Or see how far you can make it down the Denver Beer Trail. The sky's the limit in Denver, especially since you're so close to it! *sad rimshot*

Forget The Witty Sub-Title, You Saw This One Coming

If you're Winter Wedding falls anywhere in December, and you want a truly high-class Winter Honeymoon Destination, you can't go wrong with New York City. Yeah, we shied away from this recommendation in our "Weekend Honeymoon Destination" post, and with good reason…

… We knew this post was coming.

We could go on and on about all the amazing dining, shows, and luxurious hotels just waiting for your reservations. And we would, if they were paying for advertisement space on our blog. But since they aren't, we won't. We'll just get to the two biggest reasons we love the idea of a Winter Honeymoon in NYC.

Rockefeller Center, and Times Square.

Think about it: If your wedding is that close to either Christmas Day or New Year's Eve, what better way to celebrate your nuptials than to be where the biggest and most elaborate holiday parties in the U.S. are held?

Whether you and your new spouse are taking in the splendor of one of the nation's most celebrated Christmas trees, or cutting loose with a million other jubilant party-goers, your most joyful celebration to date will feature a crown jewel many folks will never know. Shouldn't your Winter Honeymoon Destination be as top-notch as your spouse? ... Yeah, we thought so.

Not to mention, the Rockettes exist… So yeah, NYC. Solid choice for a Winter Honeymoon Destination. It's almost as classy as our Founder's Line of manly wedding bands!

Pulling Out All The Stops

Still not impressed huh? Fine bro, let's just go for it. You want a Winter Honeymoon Destination that will blow you and your new spouse away? You want to go where few newlyweds would dare to go? You want to… um… something something flashy winter themed comment!


Yeah, we said it. You want the Winter Honeymoon to end all Winter Honeymoons, then you need to haul your manly butt to where Winter is redefined, at least in the U.S.

There is nowhere else in this great country where the natural beauty of Winter is better showcased. And while it might not be advisable to follow the path of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race with your spouse, the sheer beauty of the 49th state to join the Union just can't be matched. Even a short hike will be unlike anything you've ever experienced at home, and will set the bar high for every anniversary to follow.

And yes, if you're intrigued by the prospect of seeing this gem of snowy wonder, but don't feel like giving up all the luxury and pampering you and your new spouse crave, there's an option for you. Take the cruise ship route, and get the best of both worlds!

The most important thing you need to remember bro, is that what matters most isn't whether you head. East, West, or extremely North… It's what you and your new spouse do together. Dig deep, and invest in a Winter Honeymoon the two of you will never forget. Go for the adventure. Go for luxury. Splurge in ways you never dreamt of. Just like when you selected that sweet Founder's Line ring back in the intro. Because you, and even more importantly, your new spouse, are worth every penny. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event dude. Don't hold back, especially when it comes to the Honeymoon.

See you next time, here at the Manly Band's Blog!

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