Just Shoot Me: Can't-Miss Photos on Your Wedding Day

Welcome back, dear Groom-to-Be. As is our modus operandi... I mean... Mode Of Operation around here (sorry bro... I forgot, most of us don't have our faces buried in a Thesaurus Rex all day....), we're back with more advice for keeping your wedding planning on track and under control. Today, we're talking "What Moments To Capture At Your Wedding." Whether you took our previous tips to heart and hired a pro, or went out like the maverick we know you are and hired a friend, these points still apply.

While a pro would already know "What Photos To Take At A Wedding," (or at least enough to earn a C- on the final exam), it never hurts to have a checklist of photos you know you want captured. Like we've said before: Besides your marriage license and your Manly Wedding Band, your photos are about the only permanent keepsakes you'll have from your wedding. They gotta be on fleek, as the children far cooler than I tend to say.

The Usual Suspects: The Typical Wedding Photos

I know we usually go a bit off the rails around here, but sometimes, you gotta go with the tried and true. Pictures like "The Bride Walking Down the Aisle," "Cutting the Cake" and the "Daddy/Daughter Dance" are staples for a reason: They are important!

Your first dance, your first kiss as a married couple, every last speech given by your amazing wedding party, and especially the Ring Bearer walking the rings down the aisle in a Manly Birch Box. You want pictures of these moments to hang above your fireplace, or by your bedside... or in your man cave next to that neon beer sign you stole back in college. Ahh, memories.

Throw a bunch of these on your checklist, if for no other reason than to test your photographer's experience. If they look at the list like that dalmatian from that audio company, then you probably need to rethink your choice.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine: The Funny Wedding Photos

After those standard photos are done with, it's time for something a little lighter. Maybe the bride and the maid of honor have some funny pose (that may or may not involve hands applied to opposing chests). Or, perhaps your officiator has some killer bunny slippers on. Somewhere, somehow, no matter what you do, there is going to be a humorous situation at your wedding.

So, find (and/or make) a few funny memories along the way... like the all-time classic, the "Escaping Groom," complete with every member of his side of the wedding party grabbing a piece of his coat. Sure, it wouldn't be great if it happened for real, but it can be a real hell of a story to tell the grandkids down the road ... assuming they aren't already in therapy.

Candid Camera: Candid Photos From Your Reception

No, bro, I'm not crazy.

Yes, I do know that the word "candid" implies unplanned and organic situations, which happens to be the exact opposite of "planned items on a flippin' list!"

That's why I'm not listing specific "candid" photos, because that would be stupid. And while I'm no rocket scientist, I do know a thing or two. Like, how you would kick yourself if you missed out on a photo of Uncle Lester doing the "Humpty Hump" with Aunt Ethyl, because your photographer was busy trying to get the lighting just right on your cake knife.

Or the kids. Dear sweet Zeus, the kids. Kids, should there be any at your wedding/reception, will always provide incredible, unscripted, sweet/crazy/funny/embarrassing moments, and those are just as important to capture. So, you could have a bunch of disposable cameras laying around, available for anyone (read: those darned kids) to pick up and snap a few shots with. Or, you can at least make sure your photographer is prepared to snap off a few rapid-fire photos on the fly (or they can have a partner there handle that end of things). Either way, some of those candid photos are guaranteed to be your favorites of the entire event.

One for the Bride: The Groom's Reaction Photo

Of all the memories made during your wedding ceremony, one that most people might not remember involves you. As the bride walks down the aisle, all eyes turn to watch her. And they should; you may have dressed up all nice and stuff, but this is her princess moment. This dress is a one-time deal (if all goes well), so she should have everyone's attention ...

But there is one person's reaction that she wants to see most: yours. And your photographer needs to have a plan, or that partner we talked about, who captures that reaction forever.

I know, I know... Manly Men don't want people taking pictures of them when their manly eyes begin leaking. And boy howdy, will they leak when you first see your bride walking down that aisle, the definition of perfection. But she will see you too, and trust me when I say, she will appreciate having that moment captured forever. Just make sure you photographer is ready.

This is the moment where you stop reading this post by yourself, go grab your spouse-to-be and get to making that checklist, Bronan the Brobarian. You both need to think about what photos will mean the most to you. So for once, make this planning session a team sport. I promise, this one lasts forever, so it's worth the effort.

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