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Keeping the Little Ones Busy: Ring Bearer & Flower Girl Ideas

Keeping the Little Ones Busy: Ring Bearer & Flower Girl Ideas

To date, we have not spoken much at all here about children, be they "bonus kids," nieces and nephews, or your own little manly progeny. There's lots of reasons for that:

Alright, it's really mostly the last one there (although the others are valid points, and mindless fluff to pad word count). Honestly, we just haven't had much opportunity to talk about kids and where they fall in your wedding planning. Sure, most of us have some little ones in our lives, one way or another, but they typically aren't the first thing we think about when we start going over what all is needed for a great ceremony and reception.

Well dear bro, today is the day we diversify our talking points,and cover some nifty ideas you and your spouse-to-be can use to include the beloved "littles" in your lives in your best day ever.

Mixing It Up: Alternatives to the Traditional Flower Petals and Ring Pillow

We've all seen the traditional way of doing things: The ring bearer walks down the aisle after the bridal party, looking like a miniature version of the groomsmen, rings tied to some fancy-shmancy pillow, followed by the flower girl in her little dress, tossing rose petals (real or fake, does not matter) along the path the bride will soon follow.

It's a tried-and-true routine, but routine just isn't your style, now is it, bro? No, you're a manly man, filled with unique, manly thoughts. You want something a little more "outside the box," and I promise, those ideas are out there. From glowing candles to autumn leaves, you can arm your adorable flower girl with all sorts of nifty decorations to prepare the aisle for your bride.

Speaking of boxes, why not ditch the pillow all together and have your ring bearer walk those precious wedding bands down the aisle in our Manly Birch Box? Not only will it keep your rings safe and sound, it adds a special, manly touch to the proceedings (and can double as a place to store your rings when you need to take them off ... not that there will be too many occasions for that to happen).

Or, you can toss the old ways completely out the window and just have your little ones dance their way down the aisle with bubble wands or even big-time bubble guns. Let them have some fun right before you get down to the serious business of getting hitched. Odin knows weddings aren't always the most exciting thing a child can experience, so a little levity and childish entertainment may be just the thing to keep them occupied.

Dancing Queen: Putting on a Show Before the Main Event

I mentioned dancing earlier, and that wasn't by accident. Sure, the traditional route can be great if the little lady (or ladies) in your party are truly "little" ladies, as in, toddler to kindergarten age. But what about the ones who are a bit older? If you have young ladies who are too young for the bridal party but too old for more childish activities, this may be their chance to do something really special.

How about you have your flower girl be your dancing flower princess? Perhaps something choreographed to a piece of music of her (or their) choosing? It gives them a chance to feel more included in the ceremony, doing something extra special for you and your spouse-to-be. Rather than feel any jealousy at the bride receiving all the attention, they can put their energy into "their moment," and you get a special experience for you and yours.

Keeping It Safe: Hiring "Ring Security"

And what about the young men in your party? How do you turn "walking down the aisle with a fluffy pillow" into something manly boys can be excited about?

Simple: Make it "Operation: Ring Guardian."

Get some fake security badges and some CHiPS-worthy sunglasses, and suddenly your ring bearer, or even better, bearers, are your Ring Security Officers. It works especially well when you have multiple young men who can dress up and walk a younger member of the party down the aisle with the actual rings. Younger children need someone to keep them headed in the right direction/keep the ring box/pillows upright, so "Ring Security" isn't just an honorary title; it's the actual task your little bro-lings will be doing.

Got the extra time and cash to invest? Go all out and turn them into your personal Secret Ring Service, complete with full miniature tuxedos, wired ear pieces and a custom "safe" with a lock on it. I promise, nothing will ever blend manly and adorable as well as your little fellas dressing up on your big day.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of unique ideas for your special little folks, but it's enough to get your manly creative juices flowing. Just because this day is about you and your spouse-to-be, it doesn't mean you can't keep it fun for the kids. Make it exciting for them, and they'll make you proud.