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Keeping Your Cool Before the Wedding

Keeping Your Cool Before the Wedding

Feeling some pre-wedding jitters? Remain calm and exude confidence on your big day. From wedding rings to reception bands, stay relaxed and enjoy every moment.

Keep your cool before the wedding with these sure-fire strategies:

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is an activity that you can practice at the altar or in the days leading up to the big event. Being mindful can give you a greater appreciation of life, but perhaps more importantly, it helps you to feel grounded and engaged. Mindful living involves meditation practice that prevents a focus on the future or the past, which can provide an appreciation for the present.

Try these tips to get started on your mindful journey:

- Commit 10 minutes of daily meditation to increase your calm. Try downloading an app like HeadSpace to keep you accountable.

- Redirect thoughts over things you can't control to the here-and-now.

- Use grounding techniques to help calm you during moments of severe anxiety. Pay attention to your breathing and remind yourself of the tangible things all around you, such as the temperature, the air, the colors, tactile objects, etc.

Make Time for a Massage

It may seem odd to recommend massage to a soon-to-be groom, but a quick chair massage before the ceremony may help quell nervous anxiety. Hire a massage therapist to provide chair massages. Typically, a massage of the head, scalp, and shoulders for the groom and his attendants on the big day would be best.

Work Up a Sweat

Physicians and personal trainers agree that a good workout will lower stress and give you an air of confidence - and this extends to your wedding day, as well! Make sure that your hectic schedule includes maintaining your normal exercise routine and workout regimen, and take time on the big day to get in a brisk jog, long walk or trip to the gym before the ceremony.

Get Cozy with a Canine

Feeling nervous about your nuptials? Try spending some time with your pet. It has been shown that spending a few minutes a day petting your dog or cat can reduce anxiety and lower stress levels significantly. Scientifically speaking, petting an animal reduces cortisol, a stress-related chemical, while increasing your level of oxytocin, which can lower stress levels in the body.

Take a Chill Pill

Take a chill pill; actually, Valerian root supplements and tinctures can be helpful at reducing anxiety - and it's completely herbal! Many people use valerian for chronic pain, too. Valerian is widely found at health food stores and has shown some efficacy in relieving anxiety, depression, hypochondria, nausea, ADHD (Attention-deficit disorder) and nervous asthma.

Catch Some Zs

Lack of sleep doesn't just make you look ragged on your wedding day; it can fray the nerves and cause anxiety. Make a point to not get drunk the night before the event and get your eight to 10 hours to feel your most calm and confident at the altar.

Slow Down on the Joe

Another cup of coffee? Try to watch your caffeine intake on your wedding day to prevent jitters and shakiness that can derail your calm, cool demeanor. Switch to decaf or skip the second cup and have some water or Chicory root tea (no caffeine) instead.

Hand Over the Rings

Grooms can become very antsy worrying about where and who has the rings. Play it safe and give the rings to the best man - as long as he is fairly responsible. If you have any qualms about this, ask a family member to be the keeper of the rings until the ceremony.

Now that you know where your wedding bands are, sit back and enjoy your wedding day. Use these tips to quell any pre-ceremony nerves and make sure to take time to relish each special moment.