Keepsakes They'll Actually Keep: Awesome Gifts for Your Groomsmen

So the whole crew is coming together for your wedding, and to thank them, you want to get them a little somethin'-somethin'. The question is: What do you choose, dear bro-ham?

Quit freaking out. Manly Bands is here to help you find the perfect gift for your crew to add that little extra touch to your "Best Day Ever."

Idea 1: The Traditional Route

Let's face it: You might not be the most creative thinker this planet has ever seen. You may be so lacking in new thoughts that you found your way to Etsy or even Pinterest looking for groomsmen gifts.

And that's OK. The reason these gifts are traditional is because they work -- and have for a long time. Cuff-links and wallets, tie tacks and key chains: These are all basic, simple ideas to be sure, but they get the job done for a reasonable price. Add a little extra for the monogram, and you have something functional and meaningful.

A bonus of going this route is that these types of gifts can start being useful right at the wedding. This may be the first time you or your crew ever need cuff-links or tie tacks, and if you opt to buy rather than rent, it only makes sense to make these little details stand out in a big way. After the ceremony, your buddies get to take these home and use them again, should the need arise. Way to be the MVP as well as the groom-to-be!

Idea 2: The Functional Route

While we're on the topic of functional gifts, what sort of crew are you and yours? Hardworking handymen and mechanics? Avid fishermen and hunters? All-male revue dancers?

While some traditional gifts can be functional, this route aims more towards the everyday needs of your crew to provide a tool or item they can get maximum use out of after the wedding.

Monogrammed pocket knives and multi-tools are a safe bet for any guy who works with his hands and needs a trusty tool by his side. Pocket flashlights, fishing lures or any number of hunting tools all fall into this category. You know your crew and can figure out which of these items fit them best. What would they get the most use out of?

Just make sure to include your ring bearer somewhere in there. Little homey is walking your Manly Ring down the aisle to your best man, so he deserves something, too!

Idea 3: The Boozy Route

You wanna talk traditional and functional? What goes better with a manly wedding than alcohol? And what better way to celebrate your manly crew than with some personalized drinking gear?

Monogrammed flasks, shot glasses, rocks glasses or beer steins are all easily found and reasonably priced. You can use them before the wedding for a pre-ceremony toast (you know, to calm the nerves) and during the reception (you know, to celebrate). Should you opt to hand them out all the way back at the bachelor party, they work there, too (you know, to get "crunked" as the kids say.)

As long as you make sure any glass gifts are safely delivered to your buddies and someone is there to make sure those inebriated baboons don't leave their glasses behind, it's hard to go wrong with personalized glassware.

Should you have the spare cash, you can get entire bar sets engraved with your buddy's name and the date of your wedding. You may be pushing the higher end of the budget spectrum here, but if you have it to spare, you know your crew is worth the effort. Shop around, and lift one up with your groomsmen!

Idea 4: The Extravagant Route

Here is where those with more disposable income may start looking for something a little pricier. You know you'd do anything for your bros, just like they would do anything for you. So here are the ideas for the guys with the means to actually do it.

Maybe your team would like matching rings? Something manly and rustic, like bands made of wood or even antler? Something to wear every day, or maybe just on special occasions (like when the crew gets together for the big game). It may not be traditional, but if your guys are down for it, why not splurge for a team ring?

If another ring isn't quite your style, how about something even more daring -- and permanent? Groomsmen tattoos are very much a thing, and may just be the ticket to tell your squad just how thankful you are that they have your back. Just a simple "Groom/Best Man/Groomsman" followed by the date of your wedding works, or you could go all out with a group picture turned full back tattoo. Your choice!

Yes, fake tattoos are an option. Yes, we could have led with that idea before suggesting y'all get inked for real. But, what fun would that have been?

In the end, only you know your squad for real. You know which bro would fit best with which gift, and that's where you have to start. There is no hard-and-fast rule that says every member of your team has to get the same thing. A multi-tool here, a beer stein there or a matching tat with your best man -- you get to decide.

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