Manliest Ring of the Month: Cerakote

If you’ve started your search for a wedding ring, you know there’s a lot of choices out there. But among the flock, what’s the best choice for you? 

One of our absolute favorites is Cerakote wedding bands

Cerakote rings for men are nothing short of incredible. If you’ve ever seen them online, you may wonder whether their dazzling colors hold up in person. Trust us, you’re bound to turn heads when wearing a Cerakote ring out in public. 

But what is it that makes them so exceptional, making us feature them as our ring of the month? Kick back, relax, close your notepad and get some spitballs ready. Wait. No. 

Open up that notepad and get your trusty pen because we’re about to give you a real lesson on why men love Cerakote wedding bands. 

Manly Bands’ The Washington

What Makes Cerakote So Great? 

When it comes to wedding rings, you may be thinking of the traditional kind: gold, silver and diamonds. But there’s more to it. 

Cerakote wedding bands are an incredible choice as they can suit any style. From damascus steel to black zirconium to cobalt chrome, you get reliable, strong rings that have an extra flair – all without breaking the bank.  

But what is Cerakote? What gives it that incredible look? 

What Is Cerakote? 

Back in the 1980s, there was hair metal, Reaganomics, Yuppie culture and MTV. But there was more than that. There was also the creation of Cerakote. That’s all well and good, but what the heck is it? 

Cerakote is a composite – no, not compost, a composite. It’s a combination of ceramic and polymer which is developed as a protective coating for metals, plastic and woods. Most often, it was used on materials that were high-value, go through a lot of physical stress and are meant to be personalized. 

For practical purposes, its durability is what stands out, most of all. It has a hardness rating of 9h on the Mohs Hardness Scale and it can stand up to temperatures of 250° Fahrenheit. That means your incredible Cerakote wedding ring will be able to stand up to anything. 

Manly Bands’ The Artist

Cerakote can withstand up to 160 inch-pounds of impact, all without losing its coating. What does that mean for you? Forget that weird green ring around your finger after wearing a ring for a day. Nope! That Cerakote lining won’t rub off on your finger one bit. Drop your ring by chance? Don’t worry about it, as it’s protected for the future to come. 

What Is Cerakote Like? 

So Cerakote wedding bands are near impossible to break and can stand up to the hottest temperatures – don’t worry, it won’t melt once being put on your finger! But what’s the greatest thing about it? 

Cerakote is used as an inlay and coating in many wedding bands, and it makes nearly every ring stand out. With over 90 colors of Cerakote available, you can customize any ring to your exact needs. 


Manly Bands’ The Farrokh


It being available for use as a coating is one of its greatest abilities. What’s not to love about a wedding ring that is adorned with a bright, beautiful Cerakote covering set into the grooves of your ring. Whether it’s a ring with grooves that looks like the waves of the ocean or a forest of trees, you can fill it with the Cerakote color of your dreams, making the ring you’ve always had in mind. 

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Ready to find the ring you've been searching for? Look no further than our collection of Cerakote wedding rings. And if you’re unsure whether our Cerakote rings are right for you, have no fear. 

Check out our collection of wedding bands and find the one that best suits your style and budget. In case you want a little extra flair, feel free to create the wedding band of your own choosing, adding the Cerakote inlay you’ve got in mind. 

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