Manliest Ring of the Month: Damascus Steel



If you’ve been on the search for men’s rings, you’ve probably noticed just how many options you have available to you. With so many choices, how do you know what ring is right for you?  

We love all the rings we offer, but we like to highlight some of our favorites each month. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the manliest ring of them all? Hands down, it’s Damascus Steel. 

a the duke ring

Damascus Steel rings steal the show with their strength and style. But what makes them so manly, and why do we think they’re so cool? We have our reasons, and we might as well share them with you. 

What the heck is Damascus Steel? 

Stainless steel is its own thing. You hear about it being used in buildings, machinery, household appliances, and more. Then there’s Damascus Steel. 

This metal has been around for thousands of years, originating in India and eventually traveling to the likes of the Vikings and Eastern Mediterranean Crusaders. They would use wootz steel to cast swords that were incredibly sharp yet tremendously strong, able to take down the greatest warrior in battle—with complete ease.  

However, its exact origin is unknown. Named after the Syrian markets in Damascus, this was an area known for regional trading, particularly of steel items. However, the trade secrets would remain such, eventually getting lost in time. Damascus Steel was suddenly a myth: No one knew the recipe, and it went unproduced for centuries. 

But modern technology brought it back to life. Stanford researchers were able to approximate the structure of traditional Damascus Steel based on documents still available. They were able to recreate the forged steel by combining several different kinds of stainless steel with one another. Now, the famed steel lives again, ready for battle. 

a the lancelot ring

All right, but why Damascus Steel? 

So, there’s a reason that Damascus Steel is loved as much as it is. For one, Damascus Steel is incredibly strong. Due to it being a mix of multiple sheets of stainless steel, the metal becomes especially tempered, making it incredibly difficult to damage. Bring it to your local spoon bender and watch them work their magic now.

But there’s more to it than that. Because Damascus Steel is forged, it means that every single ring is unique. No one ring ends up looking the same, thanks to their creation, so you have a one-of-a-kind ring that no other one can match. The blending of metals creates an incredibly wavy design in the ring, giving it a look reminiscent of ocean waves or the rings of a tree. 

You might not be using your ring to defend yourself against marauders, pirates, and warriors, but it will catch every passerby’s eye and impress whoever takes a closer look. 

a the intimidator ring

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Are you ready to have your butt blown off by the following rings? Make sure you’re sitting and have a towel nearby. 

The Lancelot is a great starting point. Made of handcrafted Damascus Steel with a 1mm inlay of Solid 14K Rose Gold, this ring pops. Plus, the ring looks like stainless steel camo, weaving between gunmetal black and concrete gray. 

How about The Robinhood? It’s the ring for the man with a hard, foolish exterior but the heart of gold. Polished Damascus Steel is accentuated with a Green Cerakote sleeve which is nothing short of beautiful. 

Now The Duke (stop laughing) is a wild ring, perfect for the man who is the leader in his field. Handcrafted Damascus Steel is combined with a 2mm inlay of authentic Turquoise. But, WAIT, there’s more! Its acid finish and Spalted Tamarind wood sleeve take this ring to the next level, making it impossible to overlook. 

Last, are you the man who always races until exhaustion, who rides the wall and every bumper while in the red? You’re The Intimidator. Other men shake out of fear when they see you, and they’ll be sure to do so when they see your ring. Damascus Steel comes together with a 3mm inlay of Gibeon Meteorite, as well as inlays of 1mm red Cerakote and 3mm Genuine Black Dinosaur Bone. Add an acid finish, and you’re talking about a stunning ring. 

Shop Damascus Steel Men’s Wedding Bands  

If you’re ready to wield a Damascus Steel blade and pillage a village, you might want to take a deep breath. But we do recommend checking out our collection of Damascus Steel wedding rings. Get a ring forged from fire; one that will stand up to the toughest of battles. 

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