More Wedding Day Ideas to Make Your Day Truly Awesome

Hey there, Bro-timus Prime. Long time, no see! Did you find that special touch to include in your wedding? You know, the one that turns your "Day To Remember" into a "Day They Will Never Forget?" Was it one that we talked about last time?

No? Still searching for that real "wow" moment, the one that pushes the whole event into a new level of amazing? We get it. Last time, we had a few great and fun ideas, and they'd be a hit for sure. But they were mostly lighthearted fare and may not be quite what you are looking for.

Perhaps, you need something deeper... something truly meaningful and packed with emotion (you know, like your actual vows will be -- you have those ready already, right?). So we're back, with a trio of true heart-touchers, ready to take your wedding ceremony into the record books (or at least, this year's Christmas cards). Let's go!

The Sand Ceremony

This one is not only a truly special moment for you and your spouse-to-be, it really works wonders should there be any, how do you say ... "bonus children" in the relationship. What? We don't use the prefix "step" around here!

It is a short, simple, but symbolic moment, similar to a unity candle ceremony, which represents two people (or families) becoming one. All you need are jars of different colored sand for each person involved, a spiel for the officiator to rattle off, and a special vase/frame to pour it all into. You can get some ideas here, but part of what makes it special is picking out the details for yourselves.

Unlike the flame of a unity candle, this memento will last forever. And as we have said, aside from your wedding license, a few pictures and, of course, your sweet King Arthur wedding band, not too much from the ceremony persists for the rest of your lives. So why not add this special twist to an often basic and formulaic wedding ceremony!

Sunrise/Sunset Photos

This one is also pretty simple, aside from lining it up with the appropriate time of day: sunrise and/or sunset photos from your wedding day.

Think about it: When the two of you wake up on your wedding day (in separate locations, if you are abiding by tradition), it's the last time you'll wake up as single individuals. Assuming you didn't go too crazy for your bachelor party, or better yet, had it days before the wedding, why not have your best man get up with you just before sunrise and snap a quick picture of your last solo morning. Your spouse-to-be can do the same with her maid of honor (or equivalent party), and after the honeymoon, you can have the two photos put together.

After the ceremony (assuming it isn't scheduled at night), you and your now spouse can step outside with your photographer and get a gorgeous photo of the two of you now joined as one, as you begin your first evening of wedded bliss. Whether you put it next to the aforementioned sunrise picture is up to you, but that's where we'd put it.

Also, you could do a sunrise photo the next day, commemorating your first morning as husband and wife... but if the party is as wild as we expect it to be, that might be a bit too much to ask.

The Memorial March

It normally isn't our style to go full force at the heartstrings... but this one just packs a special punch: Kick off your ceremony with a special memorial tribute.

We know, tradition dictates that the groomsmen walk the bridesmaids down the aisle to whatever canned wedding song is available, ending with the bride walking down the aisle with her daddy (or equivalent stand-in).

But what about the bride whose daddy isn't with her on her special day? What about the dear friends, grandmas and grandpas, cousins/siblings... or even beloved pets who have passed?

Picture this bro: The officiator standing at the front of the house, with your friends and family seated, wondering where you and your crew are. Slowly, a soft song begins to pipe in over the sound system (maybe this one, if you need a hand picking one out). Your gathered guests turn toward the back and watch as your crew slowly walks, single file, each carrying a picture or two of your departed loved ones. As each groomsman reaches the front, they place the pictures on a special memorial table at the front, lightly decorated with a sign and a candle. Maybe your best man goes second-to-last, with a picture of the bride's best friend who passed a couple years ago, followed by you, carrying a picture of Dad, who you lost last spring. Set those two in specially reserved chairs at the front. You boys take your places at the front, and join in the sea of suddenly misty eyes in the audience. They may not have made it to the wedding in person, but they are there now.

(If this one is too heavy, you can still have a table set up with those pictures, be it for the whole night, or just during the reception. It's whatever works best for you and yours.)

We know; we're usually pretty casual and easygoing here at the Manly Bands blog, as well as uproariously hilarious and endlessly entertaining. But deep emotions are part of the whole wedding package, and we wouldn't want to leave you hanging, bro. That's why we're here.

See you next time, manly broslice.

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