Note From Dad: Choosing Your Wedding Party

The last two articles dealt with choosing your Maid of Honor and Best Man, this article will focus on selecting the Wedding Party, and their importance. The size of your wedding will determine the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.  If the wedding is a small one you will want to have a small wedding party. The larger the party the more attendants you will have. As with choosing a best man and a maid of honor think twice before asking. Being in a wedding party can be expensive and time consuming, choose people who can afford the cost and are responsible. One way to choose a member of the party is to ask yourself will this person still be my friend in the future. If yes, then by all means this would be a good choice.

Whether you choose your family or friends don’t forget your fiance’s brother or sister. Family will sometimes unite that missing piece, and is sure to make your parents feel a happiness that will shine on your special day.

Three roles that bridesmaid should be responsible for:

  1. Involvement with the choosing of the brides dress and give input to the bridal party dresses.
  2. The  planning of the bridal shower, with maid of honor and, if appropriate, chipping in for the costs of food, decorations, venue.
  3. Day of the wedding, be calm and offer moral support to the bride.

Three roles that groomsmen should be responsible for:

  1. Helping to set up times and fittings for tuxedos.
  2. Provide moral support to the best man and help with planning the bachelor party.
  3. Arrive early to the ceremony and be ready to seat the guests and it is expected that the groomsmen stay for the entire ceremony.

Finally, remember, as with the maid of honor and best man, your wedding party was chosen because they are important to you and your partner and this is a way to honor them.

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