Notes From Dad: Autumn Bliss

We are fortunate to be in a world that experiences four wonderful and romantic seasons. This article will discuss some fun, romantic and happy moments to share with your partner.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. The days have a crispness in the air,  leaves begin to change color and everyone anticipates changing clocks back and getting that extra hour of sleep.  Take advantage of that extra hour by sharing and exploring some of the following romantic and fun ideas.

  • Apple picking - making an apple pie together is fun and good for you.
  • Pack your bags and spend some time enjoying hiking and camping. The foliage is breathtaking and  quality time exploring nature can help you revive your spark.
  • One of the nice things Fall brings is Halloween. There is no end to all the fun the two of you can have.
  • Decorate your yard with homemade figures, visit a Halloween factory if you are fearless (show your partner how brave you can be), and/or  one of my favorites a hayride through a haunted cornfield.
  • Check local papers and attend some type of Fall festival that is dedicated to street food, art, wildflowers, or wine, there are interesting events going on all over the country this time of year.
  • Another one of my favorites is pumpkin picking. Visit a farm and enjoy the hot cider and warm cookies. Then go pick out your favorite pumpkin and go home and carve it together, the scarier the better.
  • As October passes get ready to celebrate Holiday such Veterans Day, take in a parade to honor our military, and reconnect with family and friends as we give thanks during Thanksgiving time.

Theses are just a few ideas that have made Autumn such a fun and romantic season.

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