Notes From Dad: Holiday Activities that will create loving memories!

That special magical time of year has bestowed upon us once again. This year you may be celebrating with your new spouse or partner. Here are some holiday activities that will unite your love and create lasting memories.

I have compiled a small list of holiday ideas that may help.

Go on a sleigh ride or ice skating. There is nothing more romantic than sitting in a carriage with snow swishing around one’s head, and hearing the horses hooves clattering along the path.

Watch a romantic holiday movie (my personal favorite “Scrooge”) to see how holidays can transform people into caring and wonderful human beings.

Together, create a unique tradition that no one else has, and make it a ritual that will cement your legacy.

Join a choir. They say singing is good for the soul, and this time of year music is abundant everywhere.

Bake together. Food is always a treat and a reinforcer. When two people share their talents and time together good things happen.

Volunteer to help at a soup kitchen, and serve food to the needy. Giving two or three hours of your time to people less fortunate helps both of you to appreciate and understand the true meaning of love.

Finally, take each day of this holiday season and give thanks for all you have, your spouse, family and friends.


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