Notes From Dad: Trust In A Marriage

One major component in a marriage is trust, Trust is the key to a healthy relationship, and without it, life becomes intolerable. Trust cements a marriage. It allows you to foster independence with no guilt.  When you don’t have trust, you develop anxiety and stress. Feelings may start off as tiny but can lead to enormous significance. Trust is fundamental to life. Lack of trust leads to more divorce than infidelity.
When you allow more room for trust to work in your relationship, you are actually allowing more freedom in the life of your partner. There is no anxiety, stress or fear. At the same time, you are also allowing yourself to operate more effectively as an individual. Trust, allows a couple to make the marriage grow stronger and build a solid bond because the both of you know that you can overcome anything either as a couple or an individual. So how can we trust our partner? Following these five steps may help:
  • Remember and repeat your vows daily.
  • Allow the independence to grow between each other.
  • Have a good balance. Don’t be the only one giving.
  • Maintain your intimacy. It is a powerful emotion we all  need.
  • Be open with each other and accept each others differences.
  • A happy and loving marriage is built on trust following the above five steps can lead to years of happiness, I should know I have been married for almost 30 wonderful years.
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