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"One Ring to Rule Them All?": Why One Ring May Not Be Enough

I know, a Manly ring company (that strives to provide you an awesome shopping experience at reasonable prices) suggesting that one wedding ring might not be enough sounds weird... Or worse. But that's not our point at all! We just want you to keep up with your spouse-to-be, and the collection she'll be amassing over the span of your lives together.

Her stack-able rings may one day overtake her dainty little digits, while you... what? Stick with your "One Ring?"

I don't think so, bromigo. Here's a couple reasons to think about expanding your wedding band repertoire.

You Don't Own Only One Pair Of Shoes: Why Options Matter

Are you the type of man who likes to pair his belt, or his selection from his extensive baseball cap collection, with whatever the outfit of the day is? Your old fishing cap is great on the lake, and your tool belt is perfect for the shop. But for that special birthday dinner, you class it up, and pick something snazzier from your wardrobe, right?

So why not have your special symbol of your undying love to your spouse match the rest of what you're wearing that night?

The truth is this: In the same way you keep more than one pair of shoes, it's OK to have an extra ring or two to match whatever the day will bring. You can be a Wheelman guy all week long, but wouldn't a Hunter look better when you and the boys head out to put up the deer blind the first weekend of the season? Maybe you rock the Savant all day at your desk, but doesn't checking out that new band at your old hangout call for something more like the Baller?

And don't you think, at the very least, having a King Arthur around for those most fancy of occasions sounds like a worthy investment in showcasing your regal manliness?

If you have the means, why not contemplate grabbing more than one ring? You are a complex and diverse individual. Why not extend your wedding ring wardrobe to offer an option or two for what the moment calls for?

Of course, we'd be remiss to not mention one of the more practical perks of being a multi-ring man...

Work Vs. Play: The Eternal Struggle

OK, so, you remember being a kid, right? Maybe not so much the teenage years (because things happen, and peer pressure sucks, and who are we to judge, seriously..), but maybe the elementary school years. The days when, if your mom had a say, you had your "school clothes" and your "play clothes." You know the difference: School clothes were the new stuff you got at the end of summer that looked all crisp and clean, while the play clothes were all worn and broken in, and probably last year's school clothes that still kinda fit.

If you look at it now, it was a solid concept. You wore the nice stuff in the public space you had to go to, looking the best you possibly could. And you wore the older, worn stuff to rough house in, when you were more prone to tear them up.

And you remember what happened, right? That day you got home from school, had no homework to speak of (or at least none you WANTED to speak of), had the crew waiting outside for a game of pickup ball, and you just didn't feel like changing? And that header into second base ripped a nice, fat hole in the knee of your nice new "school pants." Remember that?

Shift the focus to today. You know you want a nice, sharp-looking wedding ring for your mate to put on your finger on your big day. Maybe it's a sleek tungsten carbide option, or maybe it's a sexy wood affair. That part doesn't matter so much here, as you (hopefully) already picked that little number out.

The real question is, will that ring fit with everything normal life is going to throw at you? While our rings are all awesome on your finger AND for your eyes, not every ring is perfect for every situation.

Sure, that wood ring is great, but is it best for working on that engine block? And yeah, antler is sleek and unique, but it isn't built for the water.

The point is, not every ring is built for every man's job. You may be a Mountain Man at heart, but your time at the shop might be better served by a Rockstar. So, why not consider getting both, and wearing the one better suited for where you are headed?

One Last Thing...

Maybe one wedding band works for you, and that is OK. But don't forget, you have somewhere around seven other fingers, and some thumbage (if you're the type to want to adorn them), that might like to see a ring once in a while. Our stylish and manly rings still put your awesomeness on display, even if they sit on another finger.

So, dear bro, don't be afraid to browse. Just for reading to the end, use FRIENDS15 for 15% off your next ring, cause we like you, buddy. Fashion knows no limits, so why should you?