One-Up Cupid This Valentine's Day with a Pair of Matching Wedding Rings

The MVP Tungsten Wedding Ring

You probably know who Cupid is by this point in your life. If you don’t, let us be brief … he’s the Roman god of love depicted as a winged baby. He flies around striking people with his magical arrows, and then they fall madly in love. There’s some more to it, but that’s all you really need to know. 

But here’s the thing … Cupid’s arrows aren’t the only thing that cause love. In fact, Manly Bands has something stronger and more magical than Cupid’s arrows … matching wedding rings (Should we say couple’s rings instead)! These make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, so you can one-up Cupid come February 14th. Read below to learn more about our matching wedding bands and rings, and then pick one out today! 


First up to bat is the MVP, and this ring would be a home run of a gift this Valentine’s Day. It has everything you and your partner would want in Couples (your thoughts) wedding rings, and then some. The MVP comes custom-fitted with a brushed finish and stepped and beveled edges, but what REALLY makes it stand out is the reddish-pink hue. You want a ring to shine and sparkle along with the red roses? You want to leave your partner speechless? Go for The MVP.

The MVP is made of tungsten, which is one of our most popular metals. Why you ask? Great question. Tungsten is one of the heavier metals, so it’s perfect if you want to actually FEEL your ring on your finger and not just see it. You’re a smart guy, so you can put two and two together to know that something heavy must also be super durable. That’s right … a tungsten ring is as tough as you are! But that’s not all. Tungsten rings are also very affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to one-up Cupid this February. 

The Model

Next up is The Model, a ring built specifically for couples as good-looking and beautiful as you. This ring features a domed design and brushed finish, but it really stands out for its sleek blue steel design, which pays homage to a certain fictional model. This model is also made of tungsten, so it has the perfect mix of brawn and looks, much like yourself! 

The Rockstar

Do you and your partner consider yourselves rockstars, almost like a modern-day Slash and Axl? If so, this appropriately named wedding band is perfect for you! The silver brushed-matte finish of this tungsten ring gives it a sleek look that pops on anybody’s finger. Not only does it look great, but it’s also comfortable and durable! You don’t have to be shredding on your Gibson Les Paul to pull off The Rockstar this Valentine’s Day! 

The CEO Tungsten Wedding Ring

The CEO Tungsten Wedding Ring


You’re the boss, right? Obviously. Since you’re the head honcho, The CEO is calling your name. This tungsten carbide ring is plated with 14k gold and features a brushed center with beveled edges. Cupid’s arrows quiver in comparison to this beautiful gold ring. Comfortable, durable, and beautiful, this ring was built for the big cheese. 

The Poet

If you consider yourself a wordsmith, The Poet is your ring. The Poet is a tungsten carbide rose-gold-plated ring, and it’s basically the ring equivalent of a Shakespearean love sonnet. It’s slimmer than some of our other models, as it is only 2mm wide as opposed to 6mm or 8mm. Since it is still made of tungsten, you’ll feel it on your finger but it won’t stand out as much. It’s inconspicuous yet elegant. 

Might we recommend pairing this ring with a nice handwritten note of affection for your significant other? That will leave them more starstruck than any of Cupid’s arrows this Valentine’s Day. 

The Gentleman

Last, there’s The Gentleman. If the name doesn’t sway you enough, the ring itself will. The Gentleman is made of tungsten carbide, and it is 18k rose gold plated, so it’s rugged and tough yet gentle and elegant, much like you! Not only that, but it also fits comfortably and perfectly on your finger. 

Recently married couple showing wedding rings on fingers with painted faces

All of those matching rings for couples are perfect for this Valentine’s Day and will leave your partner more in love than any number of Cupid’s measly arrows. But that’s not all … at Manly Bands, all our rings are covered with our extensive warranty and return policy. If something goes wrong and you need to exchange anything, hit us up directly or check our FAQ page for other questions. We’re here to help!

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