Reignite the Flame with These Fierce & Fiery Wedding Bands

They say that wedding bands are an accurate representation of one’s personality. And, by they, we mean us, here at Manly Bands. And it makes sense if you think about it. A fierce guy like you needs a wedding band to match your fiery personality. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of bold and fierce wedding bands of all different materials and styles, so read below to learn more.

Bowie Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The Bowie Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The Bowie

First up, we have The Bowie. What says fierce better than a ring designed with Ziggy Stardust in mind? That’s right, bro, this ring was made for a rockstar like you. This Damascus Steel ring features a solid 14k rose gold inlay and sleeve, but the matte finish makes it pop off your finger and screams “Let’s Dance!” Damascus steel wedding bands offer unmatched durability and aren’t the most mainstream (yet), so your new wedding band will really stand out! Much like its namesake, this ring is out of this world!

The Daredevil

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you love to feel the rush of flying down double black diamonds and slicing through the trees at breakneck speed? Or the feel of zooming down the open road on your Harley?

If so, The Daredevil is the ring for you. This wedding band is also Damascus steel, but it’s coated with a dark red cerakote finish to give it a unique look. The cerakote coating not only makes it look badass, but it’s super durable too! This stuff was actually used to protect various metals and tools, but they decided to try it out on wedding bands! And, let us tell you, it works. You’ll feel like Evil Knievelsoaring over a row of cars, with The Daredevil on your finger!

The Cowboy

You’re a cowboy, and on a steel horse you ride! You need a fierce ring to match that gunslinging demeanor, which brings us to The Cowboy. This black-plated tungsten ring is one of our toughest and strongest available. The Koa Wood inlay and glossy finish gives it the perfect combination of brawns and beauty. There’s no telling where a maverick like you will end up with a tungsten ring on your finger.

The Fire Chief Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Fire Chief Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Fire Chief

If you’re looking for a fierce and fiery wedding band, may we recommend the aptly named Fire Chief? Any ring named after someone as badass as a firefighter has some lofty expectations to meet, and this ring sure delivers. This ring pairs a charcoal gray black zirconium band with a red cerakote sleeve and inlay for a sleek and ominous look. You want fiery? You’ll get it with this ring.

The Leopard

When you think of a fierce animal, what do you picture? There’s a lot of right answers here, but how about a big jungle cat, low to the ground, on the prowl through the trees and bushes for its prey? We had that vision in mind when creating The Leopard, another one of our fierce and fiery rings. The band is made of solid 10k yellow gold, which pairs perfectly with the 5mm Cocobolo wood inlay and matte finish. You’ll be the king of the jungle with this ring on your finger. And if you like The Leopard, you gotta check out our other gold rings!

Custom Rings

Wedding bands are a huge investment, and you want them to be just right and perfect by your standards. If you don’t see one that’s quite fierce enough for your taste, you can make your own! We allow our customers to create custom wedding bands of their own and pair any variety of materials, styles, inlays, and sleeves. We can even engrave something on it to make it really yours! You can make the wedding band of your dreams with a few clicks of the mouse and strokes of the keys!

Diplomat Solid Gold Wedding Ring

The Diplomat Solid Gold Wedding Ring

Well, there you have it,. Those are our fiercest and most fiery wedding bands available. If you’re looking to reignite the flame and add some bling to your finger, you’re in luck! Don’t forget to purchase our birch box to safeguard your new ring! And, for any other questions or comments, feel free to check the FAQ page or ask us directly. We’re here to help give that flame an extra spark!

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