Ring In the New Year with Our Shiniest, Most Rock-Solid Wedding Bands

2020 is fast approaching ... that feels weird, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday we were Harlem Shaking and Dougieing our way into the 2010s ... please hold your applause until the end, folks. But, seriously, 2020 has always seemed like such a futuristic benchmark year. It’s just, weren’t we supposed to be basically living in an episode of The Jetsons by now? Where are all the flying cars and all-chrome everything

Even if some futuristic technology is still years away, there have been some great forward strides and advancements. For example, wedding rings and bands have evolved over the years. It is becoming more and more common to see men ditch their generic gold wedding bands for something more sleek, elegant, and stylish. 

If you’re looking to ring in the new year with a shiny, rock-solid wedding band, you’ve come to the right place. At Manly Bands, we are leaving behind generic wedding bands and rings in the 2010s. We have wedding rings and bands of all varieties, materials, and styles. And, even if nothing jumps off the page, you can customize your own! Read below to check out some of our cool styles and find the perfect bling for conquering 2020 and beyond!

Ring Sizing

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a wedding band, congratulations! We’re sure you’re ready to dive headfirst into our website and explore all types and styles of available wedding rings and bands for purchase. 

But, first, make sure you know your size. Wedding rings and bands are a major investment, and you want to make sure they fit properly. A ring that’s too small can cut off circulation to your finger and be difficult to remove, while an oversized wedding band can slide around and fall off easily. Either way, an improperly sized ring is uncomfortable and a major inconvenience. 

manly bands ring sizer

There are several ways to determine your wedding band size. You can mosey on over to a jewelry store near you and have your finger professionally measured. If you would prefer to accomplish this without leaving your house (join the club) you can order our Manly Ring Sizer

For only $13, you can have a measuring device shipped to your front door. It measures sizes from 5 to 17 in half and full increments, and with a cool20% off a future purchase, you’ll be able to save a pretty penny on your new kickass wedding band without leaving the couch! Talk about a win-win. 

Diamond Wedding Rings

Now that you know your size, are you ready to talk about shiny and rock-solid wedding bands? Good. Let’s talk diamonds. Our diamond wedding rings will have passersby turning their heads and leave them thinking “Wow, that’s one cool cat.” You need confidence and swagger to rock a diamond wedding band, which, fortunately, you have in spades. 

diamond wedding rings graphic

Do we really need to go into detail about why people love our diamond wedding bands? They’re diamond! They’re forever, and not just a girl’s best friend anymore ... more and more men are going with diamond wedding bands to showcase their personality and put some bling on their ring. Be forewarned. They are more expensive than other types of rings. But they’re diamond! It’s well worth the investment.

Our diamond wedding rings are available in countless styles and colors, such as black, white, gold, or various combos. If you want a black diamond wedding band, may we recommend The Dark Knight? You’ll feel like Bruce Wayne … errr ... Batman patrolling Gotham with this on your finger. Sorry for giving away your identity, Mr. Wayne. 

For something a little lighter, we recommend channeling your inner rockstar with The Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. These are just two of our beautiful diamond wedding rings available! Check out our collections page for more!

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Rings

About that chrome comment from earlier ... it definitely doesn’t apply here. Our cobalt chrome wedding bands look futuristic and sleek, making them the perfect ring for the new year. When you combine cobalt and chromium, you get badass wedding rings. Who knew? Guess we must’ve missed that day of chemistry lab. 

cobalt chrome wedding rings graphic

Cobalt chrome wedding bands have become VERY popular recently, and for good reason. They shine and reflect like platinum but are also super durable, meaning they won’t crack and they are scratch resistant. They’re also super versatile, as you can pair a cobalt chrome wedding band with any possible inlay––diamonds, wood, meteorite, you name it. 

They are also hypoallergenic, making them the ideal choice for anybody allergic to other metals. Just like their diamond contemporaries, they’re a bit more expensive than other types of rings ... but they’re worth it. Trust us. 

We definitely have a cobalt chrome wedding band for you. If you want a wedding band that belts out “I did it my waaaaaaay,” go with The Sinatra. The Solo is a great example of cobalt chrome’s customization. Like, check out that tree engraving. It’s a perfect match for any outdoorsman. If you value consistency and tradition and don’t want all the pomp and circumstance of an ornate wedding band, The Original is for you. It’s flashy enough, but it won’t draw unnecessary attention. It’s the OG for a reason. 

the jordan solid gold wedding ring

The Jordan Solid Gold Wedding Ring

Gold Wedding Rings

If this were the 19th century, you’d have to pack up your entire life into a caravan and make a treacherous journey across the country for even a CHANCE at finding gold. Fortunately, it’s much easier to strike gold in 2019. All you have to do is order a gold wedding band from Manly Bands!

Do we really have to discuss why gold is so great? Doesn’t it speak for itself? Yes, we do, and yes, it does. Gold wedding bands are so popular for many reasons. Gold itself is a very soft metal, meaning it can be reformed and reshaped pretty easily. This means it’s perfect for etchings, carvings, and intricate designs. If you want to REALLY customize your ring, go with gold. However, this also means it scratches easily, so be careful. Gold is not the material if you find yourself working a rigorous job with your hands.

Gold wedding bands are also revered for their versatility. Gold pairs with so many different colors and materials, there is certainly something to match your demeanor and swagger. If you want to feel like the GOAT (greatest of all time), The Jordan is a real ... slam dunk! Again, please hold your applause until the end. The Bowie is perfect for all you rockstars out there, and The Socrates is a match for the modern-day philosopher. No matter which one you choose, you’ll feel like you’re standing at the top of the podium with one of our gold wedding bands!

Dinosaur Wedding Rings

Let’s be honest. You never really outgrew your dinosaur phase from childhood. It’s okay to admit it. We’re in the trust tree here. We, here at Manly Bands, embraced this and made dinosaur wedding rings that our younger selves would LOVE. 

dinosaur wedding rings graphic

Simply put, our dinosaur wedding bands are badass. They’re made from bones found in the Four Corners region of the United States, and they might be upward of 200 million years old! That’s just unbelievable and makes them that much sicker. Wait a second ... since they’re ancient, doesn’t that mean these rings will be super fragile and almost unwearable? NOPE. We strengthened these small chunks of bone by coating them in water-resistant, medical-grade resin. 

Dinosaur wedding bands are loved for their unique patterns that are hard to replicate on other materials. They are also super versatile, as they are available in inlays of all sizes. Whether your favorite dinosaur was the Tyrannosaurus Rex or Triceratops, we have a dinosaur ring to make younger- (and present-day-) you go crazy. Think about how cool it will be to show off to your friends. You’ll be the talk of the town!

Cerakote Wedding Rings

If you find yourself wanting a bit more color for your wedding ring to match your colorful personality, check out our cerakote wedding bands. They come in every color imaginable, and some even feature multiple colors in intricate designs ... red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange ... you name it, we have it. 

Cerakote wedding bands can be made of black zirconium, Damascus steel, titanium, tungsten, and cobalt chrome, so they’re super durable too. With the weight of the world on your ring finger, you’re guaranteed to hit a home run with our cerakote wedding bands ... no applause yet. 

Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium wedding bands are a newer type of wedding band, making them perfect for those hip and trendy individuals like yourself. Their popularity has skyrocketed within the last 30 years or so, and, with all their benefits, it’s a miracle it took that long. But they’re here now, and they’re here to stay. 

titanium wedding rings graphic

Many people opt for titanium wedding bands because of their affordable cost, as they don’t cost as much as other metals like gold or silver. Titanium is also the toughest metal out there, so it won’t bend or scratch. In fact, it’s so strong that you can’t cut if off your finger without emergency cutting tools. Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself having to cut off your titanium wedding band, but it doesn’t hurt to know. 

And the best part of titanium is that it doesn’t sacrifice any of its looks for toughness. Titanium rings look shiny and sleek on your finger and are available in different color variations, so they’re perfect if you want to ring in the new year with a shiny new wedding band.

We have a ton of titanium wedding bands available for purchase. The Minimalist is perfect for those who want a simple yet elegant titanium band, but there are other models with more intricate designs, such as The Buck and The Falconer

Custom Rings

Do you find yourself thinking, “Yeah, I love all these rings but they aren’t really for ME?” If so, you’re in luck! Manly Bands caters to all and allows customers to customize their own rings! You can choose your own metal, sleeve, inlay, and engraving to make the kickass custom wedding ring of your dreams! 

Let’s say you want a Damascus steel band, turquoise inlay, whiskey barrel sleeve, and your hometown’s skyline engraved on the outside? No sweat! Feel free to get creative by mixing and matching as you please, and we’ll make it happen! 

manly bands birch ring holder

The Manly Birch Ring Holder

Wedding Band Maintenance and Warranties 

Now that you’re ready to “ring” in ... keep holding that applause; you’re almost at the end ... 2020 with a sick new wedding band, you need to know how to keep it safe and looking fresh all the time. For safekeeping, make sure you purchase our Manly Birch Box. For only $25, this box will keep your wedding ring or band safe and sound on the rare occasions that it leaves your finger. Each type of wedding band has different instructions for care and maintenance, so be sure to check our handy dandy guide to find out how to clean yours. 

In the event that something tragic does befall your wedding band, we’re here to help. We offer warranties for our rings, but be sure to double check what type of warranty your ring comes with before purchasing. For anything else, check our FAQ page or hit us up directly. We’re more than happy to help! And, finally ... don’t forget to strut your stuff with your shiny new wedding band. Oh, and you can now unleash that applause you’ve been holding in. Happy New Year!

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