Six Wedding Rings That Are Perfect for Sports Fanatics

Whether we’re cheering alongside each other on gameday or arguing yet again about the GOAT, men like us love expressing our sports fandom. We’re passionate, after all, and you gotta support the team. Well, there are other ways to show your sports fandom than jerseys and painting your face. Manly Bands has some perfect wedding rings to pair with your team’s lucky shirt on gameday. Read below to check out our collection of sports wedding rings!

The Slugger

And stepping up to the plate first with a 1.000 batting average is The Slugger. It’s a black zirconium ring with a baseball engraving pattern made of orange cerakote. It’s easy to see why this ring is a hit ... black zirconium bands are sick. The charcoal gray is perfect for dudes who want something different to stand out, and it’s super strong. It won’t scratch or crack, and it only looks better as it takes on some wear and tear.

And that’s not even the best part ... look at the cerakote baseball engraving pattern. Cerakote is  a ceramic-like composite designed to protect woods, plastics, metals, and more. Recently, its also been used to make badass patterns on wedding bands. The cerakote pattern combined with the black zirconium band makes The Slugger a guaranteed home run for all passionate fans of America’s pastime.

The Iron Horse

“Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” These words were a part of Lou Gehrig’s famous speech at Yankee Stadium. Known for his “iron man” streak of playing in 2,130 straight games, he was the inspiration for The Iron Horse. This cobalt chrome ring has a red cerakote baseball engraving ... it’s the lighter counterpart to The Slugger. It’s perfect for an iron man like yourself, whether your streak is days at the office or games watched.

The Chamberlain

Next up, move to the hardwood. The Chamberlain is named after Wilt the Stilt, most famous for a famed NBA career that featured a one-hundred (100!) point single game performance. It’s a titanium ring with basketball engraving and stipple finish. Titanium is tough as nails and super affordable, which is why it’s one of our most popular ring types. Not only that, titanium rings are hypoallergenic and lightweight too! The basketball pattern and finish give this ring a one-of-a-kind appearance, making it perfect for a men’s league double-double machine like you, bro.

The Olympian

We keep it on the hardwood with The Olympian. Black zirconium with a basketball engraving ... what more could a rim-rocker like yourself ask for? This ring is durable, sleek-looking, and guaranteed to turn heads as you blow by defenders for an And-1. It was made for a Dream Team member like you, bro. Trust us, we’re the wedding band experts, and you’re the hoops expert.

The Patenaude Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring 

The Patenaude Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

The Patenaude

It goes by many names ... soccer, football, the beautiful game, jogo bonito. No matter what you call it, all soccer superfans need The Patenaude on their fingers. A cobalt chrome ring with an engraved soccer ball pattern, this ring certainly won’t get in the way as you’re dribbling up and down the pitch. It’s durable enough that it can even withstand the occasional handball ... not that you’d ever touch the ball like that. We know you’re a seasoned pro.

The Double Eagle Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

The Double Eagle Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring


The Double Eagle

Fore! The Double Eagle was designed specifically for golf lovers. This cobalt chrome ring features a beautiful golf ball engraving. Cobalt chrome rings rock for so many reasons, dude. They’re scratch-resistant, durable, and hypoallergenic. But what REALLY makes them stand out is their look. The chrome color shines and glimmers like morning dew on the putting green, and the golf ball pattern only makes it look more unique and sleek. Wear this ring on the links, at the office, or whenever you please!

Even though we’ve shifted from playing sports to watching and putting some cold ones back, we’re still diehard fans. Well, now you can feel like an athlete with one of these badass wedding bands on your finger. Our Sports Collection of wedding rings were designed specifically for superfans like you. For more information, check out our FAQ page or holler at us. We’re always here to assist (get it?) you, bro.


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