What to know when shopping for a Man's Wedding Ring

Planning your wedding is SUPER stressful. That isn't my opinion; that is a stone-cold fact, Jack. Between the venue, the menu, dresses, tuxes, and invitations, it can be overwhelming. Picking out your wedding ring shouldn't add to the insanity. That's why this handy little list is here: to make your ring shopping trip the one thing that doesn't make you want to rip out your hair.

Tip 1: Style Is King

This ring is the one physical object from your wedding (pictures and marriage certificate aside) that will stay with you forever. It will be on your hand all day, every day. It needs to reflect you and who you are. However, unless you and your bride are doing a themed wedding, this may not be the time to go all-out for that "Lord Of The Rings" replica. And while diamonds are not unheard of for a man's ring, most guys would do best with a simple band.

But what kind? Wood rings, tungsten carbide, titanium - all are good choices. Width and color vary from style to style (can anyone say "jet-black"), giving you a ton of choices to pick from. Take a moment to browse and figure out what you like.

Tip 2: Comfort Isn't Just for Boxer Shorts

Again, with only a couple of exceptions, this ring is going to be on your hand ALL THE TIME. So it needs to feel good. This may be the first ring you'll ever wear, and something funky just won't make the cut. Whether you're out on the town with your new wife, or busting your hump at work, your ring has to fit right and stay out of your way. Play a lot of ball? You probably don't want too thick of a band, because it might throw off your swing. Spend all day tapping on a keyboard? A 6mm band might work better than a 8mm. Also think about how heavy you want it to be. Titanium is super light while Tungsten is heavy like a gold ring.

And don't forget the comfort of knowing your ring can handle a hard day of working with your hands. Soft metal bands (like gold and silver) have been known to bend and squish, turning that "close call" at work into a full-blown accident. For the guys who work industrial, automotive, or any heavy labor job, tungsten carbide, titanium, or even wood might just be the thing. They won't bend under the pressure; if anything, they just crack and crumble, saving your precious digits!

Tip 3: The Cost of Doing Business

This one is easy: Don't spend a fortune! Between the odds of you losing it down the shower drain (because there is a steep learning curve when it comes to washing yourself while wearing a ring), or breaking it at work, it is possible you will need a replacement somewhere down the road. There are plenty of great options in the $100-$200 range, so you won't have to break the bank even once, let alone two, five, or eleven times.

Tip 4: Easy Shopping Is the Best Shopping

The best tip of all: Shop somewhere that doesn't want to waste your time. High-end jewelry stores with high-end price tags may have something nice, but you might just spend hours in there, trying on every single option they have and walk out with an empty wallet and a ring that wasn't quite right.

Maybe a nice online store that specializes in awesome, manly, affordably priced rings can help. Something you can browse from the comfort of your recliner, in your boxers, with a nice, cold beer, maybe? That will even ship you a "Manly Ring Sizer," so you get the perfect fit?

Sound good?

Thought so.

Congrats! And have a little fun picking out your new ring.

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