Testing Your Metal: The Pros and Cons of Titanium

You can read a bit about the history of titanium wedding bands at our Titanium Collection page, but we know you aren't looking for cute stories and hilarious quips. No, you're a man of action, a man with no time for anything but the cold hard facts... and humorous one-liners.

You want the simple pros and cons of titanium, laid bare for all to read. So here you go. Strap in, and let's do this!

Comfort: Lightweight vs. Hefty

Titanium is lighter in weight than gold, silver and especially Damascus steel. That's just the nature of the beast. If you are a man who needs a ring that won't weigh down his hands when he sets himself to a manly task, this is a point in titanium's favor. You get more ring per ounce, plain and simple.

This also means that, for a man that needs or wants to actually feel his ring on his finger, titanium may not be quite right. That same Damascus steel, or even tungsten carbide, offers a much more solid heft for an equivalent size ring. If you require a ring that makes its presence known, you may need to look elsewhere.

Style: The Pros and Cons of Titanium's Versatility

That lightweight nature lends itself to a whole slew of add-ons and design options. Titanium wedding bands play very well with a host of inlays, like Koa wood and antler. The added weight of other materials is not as significant a factor when you begin with titanium, so the sky's the limit when it comes to hybrid designs and styles.

Of course, titanium isn't perfect. We'll delve a little deeper into titanium's strength a bit later, but it plays a factor in this discussion as well. You see, titanium is strong -- has-plenty-of-military-applications strong. While that strength has benefits we will discuss shortly, one thing it does not help is titanium's malleability. In other words, if you want a ring material that can be molded and shaped, or even easily etched, these are not the rings you are looking for.

Durability: The Pros and Cons of Titanium's Toughness

While titanium's strength limits its ability to be shaped and molded, it also lends it a durability greater than that of most other wedding band types, in terms of strength. Titanium is far more resistant to squishing and bending than say, gold. That is a major bonus to a man whose hands often find themselves in and around heavy machinery, where a lesser ring could collapse and become a liability. However, just because it's strong doesn't mean it will resistance said durability offers, which cuts down on the wear and tear a working man will endure.

Of course, this same strength brings a few downsides to the party as well. See, in the more extreme of those previously mentioned heavy-machinery situations, titanium isn't perfect. If your ring hit rocks or tool in your manly activity, it can scratch. The good news is it isn't as much of a scratch magnet as solid gold, but it will scratch, which can become part of it's weathered and cool look. Just know, strength does not beget scratch resistance.

The other con to note is that, with most alternative metals, titanium is not resizable. For a man who finds his fingers growing or shrinking as time marches on, titanium may not be the best fit, although a thorough sizing with our Manly Ring Sizer can make the whole process a bit easier. We also have a killer exchange policy if you need a new size!

Price Point: Pros and Cons of Titanium's Cost

For a heavy duty, yet lightweight wedding band material, titanium is surprisingly inexpensive. It comes in cheaper than gold or silver, which makes it a great option for a budget-conscious gentleman. It also makes those add-ons and inlays easier to contemplate, as even a fancy hybrid won't wreck your wallet like a similar gold or silver-based ring would.

But, do be careful with just how intricate the design gets. Like we said, titanium is not easily molded, so intricate etchings and the like won't come cheap. Even the most basic ring-making techniques become more expensive, so letting the design get too elaborate can counteract that formerly low price point.

Which Type Are You?

So, did you get the details you needed? Where do you find yourself in each of those scenarios? Do you need something light, or something hefty? How about toughness? Are you going to be out on the production floor, wrist deep in a hydraulic press, or in the back office, typing up an invoice? What sort of budget are you working with? And how much are you willing to pay for all those special designs and etchings?

While you sit there and contemplate what details matter most (and what doesn't apply to you), take a second to check out our Titanium Collection. None of what we talked about above answers the most important question of all: Does a titanium ring represent you?

Once you know if titanium is right for you, it's time to decide which titanium wedding band is right for you. Are you the Architect type? Maybe the Hunter? Or does the King Arthur call your name?

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