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Testing Your Metal: The Pros & Cons of Silver

Testing Your Metal: The Pros & Cons of Silver

It takes a truly manly man to admit when he is wrong, and it takes a truly manly ring company to admit when we have avoided talking about the elephant in the room... Or more specifically, the one missing from our store. Yes, good bro, today we are talking about one of the ring world's oldest and best known materials: Silver.

True, good ol' "Sterling" doesn't have a place here at Manly Bands, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth discussing. So let's put this godfather of ringdom under the microscope, and see how it stacks up to our bevy of awesome materials and styles. Strap in, Broreo cookie, because it is once again time to "TEST YOUR METAL!"

Comfort: Lightweight Versus Hefty

Let's ease our way into this one by talking about Silver's weight. As a softer precious metal, Silver won't weigh your hand down. Even if you have a real monster of a ring on your colossal digit, you won't be seriously hindered by a heavy ring. This can be a positive if you're the type of guy who needs his fingers nice and nimble.

The thing is, you can get the same kind of weight from Tungsten, and an even lighter ring with Titanium. Unless you need to rate your ring's weight in milligrams, you don't need to limit your options to just the old-school classics.

On top of that, Tungsten offers a lot more style options. But you already knew that, because you are smart and read our blog. You rock, bro!

Style: The Pros & Cons of Silver's Versatility

Speaking of style, Silver has been a staple of jewelry making for centuries for good reason: It's shiny as a mo-fo! Shine and luster are the claims to fame of precious metals, and Silver delivers on both in a big way. Plus, that softness grants it a lot of malleability, which lends itself to crafting silver rings in different shapes and sizes. For a regal, fancy look, you could do a lot worse than Silver.

Then again, you could look to another precious metal we know and love here at Manly Bands: Titanium. Yeah, that Titanium, the one we've talked about several times before. Why, just look at our old favorite, the King Arthur. Can you tell that isn't Sterling Silver? Because I sure can't. Titanium, as we have oft repeated, shines just as well as Silver... with one added bonus: Titanium isn't prone to tarnishing or scratching. And if there's one thing us manly men don't need, it is tedious upkeep on our manly band!

Price Point: Pros & Cons of Silver's Cost

Alright, dude, time to get to the meat of the matter: the real shortcomings that Silver brings to the table. As we said, Silver is a softer metal, and it can be prone to scratching when it takes a beating. Worse than that, when the beating gets more severe, Silver can straight up squish under pressure, posing a serious risk to your finger. You don't get that from Tungsten (which is far tougher and cracks rather than bends in extreme situations) or Titanium (which is way tougher and just refuses to bend under most circumstances).

Now, you may think it's worth the extra care needed to sport a Silver wedding band. But, remember that Silver is also just straight up expensive. Sure, it's not 24K Gold, encrusted-with-diamonds expensive. But compared to a similar sized ring of Tungsten, or even hard-to-work-with Titanium, Silver still costs a pretty penny. That's one of the biggest reasons we don't stock Silver here at Manly Bands. We like to keep the cost as reasonable as we can, and we know Silver just can't hack it when it comes to being budget-friendly. But will my Silver wedding band tarnish?

And as we mentioned earlier: Silver tarnishes very easily. That tarnish is due to Sterling Silver being an alloy, rather than pure silver. Humidity, and pollutants in the air, WILL cause your Silver ring to tarnish, because it contains a tiny bit of Copper in the mix. Not only will that cause tarnish, it could cause your finger to turn green/blue... #MetalFail

Sure, Silver does do one thing very well as a wedding band: it is fairly easy to resize. Tungsten can't be resized, since it would just crack apart when cut. And Titanium's signature toughness is just too much for most jewelers to deal with. Silver's softness finally serves a good purpose, so I guess it isn't all bad... Although, our Manly Ring Sizer makes finding that perfect Tungsten or Titanium band a breeze, so let's not let Silver get a big head here. Humility is a virtue, Silver. Remember that.

I know, it sounds a bit like we're trying to tarnish Silver's sterling reputation here, especially with that horrendous pun. We just want to make sure you are informed when you settle in to shop for your wedding band. Yes, Silver is a classic, and it can be a truly great ring option. However, it isn't without its pitfalls and perils. Ring materials have advanced a lot in recent times, and the options have really opened up.

Don't be afraid to browse and figure out what truly matters to you. Yes, we'd be honored if you decided to pick one of our manly offerings as the symbol of your eternal love to your spouse. But if you don't, we at least hope we helped inform your decision, so you find the wedding band that's right for you. That's why we're here at the Manly Bands Blog... Well, that and the cheesy jokes. We're good for those, too.

See you next time, when we once again "Test Your Metal."