Three Reasons Why You Should Have a Backup Wedding Ring

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We understand how important it is to always, and we mean ALWAYS, have a backup plan. What if you’re going out on the town and there’s a super-long wait at the bar or restaurant? Well, it helps to have a couple of other establishments in mind. And what woulda happened to the Eagles without Nick Foles backing up Carson Wentz? They probably wouldn’t have a Super Bowl ring if not for their backup. But you? You’ll always be prepared with your backup. 

Safety First 

There’s no concrete answer to the question “How much money should you spend on a wedding ring?” Wedding rings are big investments … and that’s not even counting their sentimental value, which you cannot put a price tag on. With that in mind, you’re gonna wanna do your part to keep your wedding ring intact and looking fresh so it lasts for years to come. And, this is why it helps to have a backup. 

A backup wedding ring helps keep your main ring safe. How often do you wear your wedding ring? Pretty much all the time, right? Well, even though most wedding rings are fairly durable, there are some times when you may wanna take it off to prevent damage. Maybe you take it off when you’re moving metal around at the gym, or maybe you don’t want to risk it sliding off in the water at the beach or pool. Not only can you damage the ring but it may pinch and hurt your finger, too. Ouch. This is when it helps to have a second option … throwing your backup ring on every now and then lessens the wear and tear on your primary ring, which is gonna keep it looking fresh for longer. 

The Manly Ring Sizer

The Manly Ring Sizer

Accidents Happen

An important life lesson that we’ve all learned from experience by now is that accidents just happen. No matter how careful you are with your wedding ring, you may still ding or scratch or scuff it up. Maybe it slides off while you’re digging for the remote in the deep crevice of your couch cushions. When you’re waiting for a new ring or yours is at the jeweler to get fixed—or if it’s just there for minor maintenance like resizing—you can slide your backup ring right on! It just won’t feel right walking around sans wedding rings for a few days, but the backup is there to save the day—just like the rental car you cruise around in while your car is in the shop. 

Switch It Up

As a man of style, you’re ALWAYS gonna be looking your best, and a backup wedding ring can help. A second ring gives you some versatility with your outfit. If you’re tired of looking at the same ring every day, throw on the backup and mix it up a bit. You now have the option to coordinate your wedding ring with outfits or other jewelry. 

The Genius Black Zirconium Wedding Band

The Genius Black Zirconium Wedding Band

There’s no shortage of ways to get creative and show off here, bro. Let’s say you have The Genius and it's super sleek black zirconium look as a primary ring—a perfect match for your dark outfits or special occasions like black tie affairs. You could get something lighter-colored like The Minimalist and its silver titanium look for a backup. This way, you have something to match with your darker AND lighter outfits … OR you can mix and match so they really POP on your finger! You can also—hear us out—wear them both at the same time! That’s right! This popular trend is called “stacking,” and it looks awesome. With a backup ring, you’ll be feeling and looking so fresh and so clean (so fresh and so clean, clean). 

Now, you’re probably asking yourself “Jeez, what type of ring should I get for my backup?” And there’s no “right” answer, bro. You can pick whatever you want. But if you’re looking for a durable backup, allow us to introduce you to our silicone wedding rings. These rings are as durable as they come, and they can LITERALLY take the heat and pressure, so you can slide one right on for any occasion, worry-free. 

Oh, and we also have different color options too, because we know how much you love to style. They’re also super affordable! Whether you’re looking for the starter or the backup, shop our badass wedding rings today! 

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