Tips on Shopping for Men’s Wedding Bands

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Hey, man, have you gotten your wedding band yet? 



Well, I bought the engagement ring, but we’ve been putting off getting our wedding rings? 

There’s no time better than the present. You and your partner probably know how to shop for women’s wedding rings. But how do you shop for men’s wedding bands? Well, whether you’re a month out from your wedding or you just got engaged, here are some ways to find the perfect ring for you. 

Start Your Search Early 

First and foremost, start as early as you can. There’s so much planning that already goes into a wedding, the last thing you want is to be stressed when approaching the finish line. 

Well, she’s already nagging me about meeting with the wedding planner.

There’s going to be a lot on your plate. That’s even more of a reason to get your wedding ring early—forgo the stress! We recommend buying your ring at least 2 months before your wedding. 

Where’s a good place to start? Can’t say I’ve ever bought myself a ring before. 

Find your ring online. Our collection of wedding bands is vast enough to meet every man’s style. Another great option is to visit some local jewelry shops. You might not find your perfect ring here, but it will provide you with a few things:

  • You can get your fingers measured to know your ring size.
  • You can see what certain metals look like in person and on your finger. 

Width and Size

As mentioned above, you’ll need to know your ring size to accurately purchase your wedding ring. While you can get a measurement of your size online with a ring size chart, you’ll never know what the ring will feel like until you try it on. 

So I should visit a jeweler? 

We recommend it, yes. It’s good to have a professional size your fingers and subsequently let you try on different widths. 

What’s the width again? 

The ring size is the actual size of the ring, relative to your finger, while the width is the “bandwidth.” This means how thick your band is. Some men like wider rings, as they feel more present on the finger. But the issue is that wider bands are more expensive, especially with rings made of precious metals. So, weigh your options and figure out what size ring you prefer best. 

The Best Man Silicone Wedding Ring

The Best Man Silicone Wedding Ring


Rings can get expensive, right? 

You want bling? Of course. You’re talking about spending a bag. But, men’s wedding rings don’t have to be. If you have room to really spend, go for it. See a ring that really speaks to you? One that feels as if it was made for you? Buy it and cement your eternal love. And what some of you don’t know is that you don’t have to spend a month’s salary for a nice wedding ring. Cheaper rings can range from $30 at a minimum to a $200 minimum for metal wedding bands.  

Wait. 30 bucks? Am I buying a Ring Pop? 

Well, you won’t get candy to go along with it, but our silicone rings provide a reliable option for the man who works with his hands. Because sometimes you buy that $7000 ring and spend your life constantly sweating every time you use a corrosive liquid, work on a machine, or have to operate heavy equipment. Forget all of that with a silicone ring. Instead, you can work unencumbered, whether it’s making a new wood coffee table or digging in the dirt. 

Consider Your Lifestyle 

You’ll need to seriously consider your lifestyle and how a ring will fit into it. This involves what you do for work, what your hobbies look like, and what styles and looks you prefer. Most of this revolves around the ring material. 

The Raptor Dinosaur Bone Ring



Men’s gold wedding rings are classic stunners, but they can quickly become expensive. Soft, shiny, beautiful. Not for the man who works hard day in and day out with his hands, but for the man looking to let his love felt for his bride shine out to the world. 


Do you want that shine and have more heft? Tungsten wedding rings are just the solution. These heavy rings are downright manly bands. 

Damascus Steel

You want something heavy but with more strength and durability? Think like the Vikings and rely on damascus steel for your wedding band. Each ring will look like one of a kind, all thanks to the blending of metals.  

Dinosaur Bone

All right. Let’s get serious. Were you the kid who obsessed over dinosaurs? The guy who still rewatches Jurassic Park on a regular basis? You NEED a dinosaur bone ring. It’s like carrying a piece of prehistoric history with you everywhere you go. 

Man Up, Get That Wedding Ring!

Discover Our Manliest Collection of Wedding Rings

At Manly Bands, our collection of wedding bands is sure to impress. Whether you’re looking in a specific price range or for a particular style, we have what you want. Can’t find the specific ring you’re imagining? Create your own wedding ring from scratch to bring your dream ring to life.


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