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Trippin' 3: Even More Do's And Don'ts When Planning Your Honeymoon

Trippin' 3: Even More Do's And Don'ts When Planning Your Honeymoon

So, I couldn't find that Scotch I talked about last post... And I'm out of beer.

Quick question, for a friend: Does Turpentine work in place of booze?

I kid of course: We don't encourage the consumption of household cleaners/paint thinner here at the Manly Bands blog. No, we don't care how colorful those laundry pack thing-a-ma-jiggers are. They are for washing your manly boxers, not for filling your manly stomach. #TheMoreYouKnow

Anywho, we've got a couple more handy guidelines for planning your awesome trip, and not much time left in this marathon blogging session. Let's finish up our series of Do's and Don'ts for your Awesome Honeymoon!

Drink, Drank, Drunk: Managing Your Honeymoon Booze Intake

Did you notice? I started the opening segment with a booze joke, so I could transition easily into a tip about booze consumption? Yeah, I'm awesome like that... And ran out of material for the opening. Don't judge.

Jokes aside, we really do need to talk about alcohol as it pertains to your Honeymoon festivities. Nothing can derail an otherwise amazing vacation like poorly planned booze application, and trust me, this is one mistake you will never live down. So...

DON'T: Don't be a drunken baboon on your Honeymoon bro! You only have a limited number of days to spend with your new spouse, before you both head back home, and dive into the maelstrom of daily adult duties your normal life consists of. While a bit of booze can help spice up your nights (and some days,) too much of a good thing will prevent you from most other activities, be they heading out of the room or back to the bed.

Aside from how much getting sloshed can wreck your trip, don't forget: In most situations, booze costs money. Unless you opted for a cruise/resort that gives you endless booze as part of your reservation, you'll have to pay for every last loving drop. And since you just dropped a pretty penny on that whole wedding from a few days ago, you likely won't have a fat stack of Benjamins to drop on your vacation. It's time to drop your alcohol intake to a manageable level. Perhaps by...

DO: If you followed our advice on buying your own booze for the reception, you likely have a bit left over. Take stock of what you have the morning after (including that bottle or two of champagne you set aside for your love and you), and ration that out for your Honeymoon. This of course only works if you are headed somewhere you can bring booze to (as in, most hotels/resorts), and are traveling by car (please don't try to bring cases of beer on the airplane bro. TSA don't play that.) If both conditions apply, then load up that extra booze (in a manly flask perhaps? Can't let the Groomsmen have them all...), and have a great time. Save your spending cash for something (else) fun!

Livin', Laughin', And The Lovin': "Planning" Your Honeymoon... "Activities"

Speaking of fun, and love, and activities... We'd be remiss not to leave you with a tip or two regarding... Um... "Consummating The Marriage."

No, we aren't a sex blog, nor does any part of our business cater to said activity. But we are talking about your Honeymoon, so we need to at least take a brief pit-stop on the subject.

DON'T: Don't overdo or over plan your, um... "Honeymoon Lovin's." Should you dare to use your Google-Fu to look for "Honeymoon Games/Ideas," one of the first things every column will mention is: Don't put too much pressure on yourselves to "Do The Deed." The night after the wedding, and probably the whole day after, will be spent rather exhausted, and likely traveling towards your Honeymoon destination. You might simply just not have the energy for more than a nice nap, and that's OK. Just because it's a significant part of what a Honeymoon is about, that doesn't mean it's the only part. Pace yourselves, and don't burn out too quickly. So that...

DO: When it is time for, ya know... Have a couple of special ideas lined up to enhance the experience. You two will have the rest of your lives together to handle business in the normal fashion(s), so why not go just a little crazy on your special vacation?

Maybe it's a special outfit or two (for either of you), a naughty card game, or a jar with a few as-yet untried activities, having a bit of newness and intrigue will make your Honeymoon alone time all the more incredible. It doesn't have to be every day, or night, or all day and night. Just a couple special treats is enough. As we've stressed throughout all three of these posts, balance is best. Yin and Yang. Great Taste, Less Filling... Ok, maybe that last one didn't fit here so well. But you get the drift.

That's it Brotilla chip. I'm done. Throwing in the towel. Because if I don't, I could go on for pages saying the same thing about every possible plan you could possibly make for your Honeymoon. In the end, it all boils down to this:

Follow those guidelines, and you will have a Rockstar of a trip... Perhaps, wearing the Rockstar from our Bestsellers collection? … What? You had to know I was gonna slip a plug into the ending by now! That's how this Wedding Ring blogger rolls!