Three Reception Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Truly Awesome

Look Brochief, we both know the mere presence of your spouse-to-be (and maybe you, I guess) at the wedding will make it special. The gathering of friends and family will double down on that goodness. You may even have something crazy up your sleeve for your best man's speech, with or without the inclusion of a few cans of silly string.

But, do you get the feeling there could be something more, some little piece of true awesomeness you have not yet thought of? Something that will elevate the wedding experience to a level none of your peeps have ever seen in person?

Well, look no further (at least until after you have read these awesome ideas) dear bro. We here at Manly Bands have a few unique/fun/emotionally enriching concepts for your manly viewing pleasure. So sit back, crack a cold one, and see what you think.

The Candy Bar

Here is one that will brighten the eyes of every child at your wedding, and make the adults say "huh, that's kinda neat." A self-service candy bar is an interesting way to leave your guests with a nice party favor, perfectly tailored to their specific tastes.

And let's face it: With all the long hours everyone will be putting in on your big day, a little sugar buzz might just be the thing to keep you all partying till the wee hours of the morning

It's also very simple to throw together, and has room to be jazzed up if you have any artsy/craftsy folks in your stable. All you need are some nice to-go bags and a small selection of candies (mints, jaw-breakers, some suckers/lollipops... maybe some of those fruity sugar powder sticks we won't be naming due to copyright concerns... Stinking candy industry big wigs...), and some bowls and baskets to put it all in.

If said artsy/craftsy person is feeling particularly daring, there are plenty of ideas out there to make those baskets extra special. Stylized well wishes for you and your new spouse, or some painted flowers in your wedding color, and your candy bar doubles as extra decor for the reception...

... Just make sure someone keeps an eye on those kids. You don't need them getting such a sugar rush, they vibrate into another plane of existence.

The Conga Line

On the something aimed at the adults: booze and dancing!

Yeah, I know, dancing is nothing special at weddings, nor is drinking. In fact, they seem to have a very close relationship to one another, as well as around 74,000 Facebook meme pages dedicated to their union. So why not take one scheduled moment and get every last capable guest at your reception up on their feet for a giant celebratory dance number?

No, you don't need to spend three months of the planning stage rehearsing some choreographed set of steps. All you need is a big tray of Jell-O shots (you know, with a little careful application of some food coloring, they can match the color scheme your spouse-to-be picked out... #JustSayin), a song, and enough room for a mass of tipsy adults and over-energetic children to get in a monster conga line. You and your spouse lead the way, toting around the tray of shots, and as guests grab a shot, they join the line. Keep conga-ing until everyone who wants to/can joins in. Then do the shots. There's a nice five-minute event your guests won't soon forget, and all it costs is a bottle or two of booze, a few packs of Jell-O and a little time to make.

But be careful with your song choice. Yes, there is a song named after what we just called those little cups of Jell-O. Yes, it is fun. And yes, it does have a few choice lyrics you DO NOT want your young nephew repeating.

A Karaoke Surprise

This one doesn't need much explanation: If you go with a DJ for your entertainment (Like Kara at, you have everything you need. Pick a song, learn it, make sure the DJ has a karaoke version, and surprise your new spouse with a serenade dance, some time after your first official dance as a married couple.

Don't overthink it bro. This is one time where the thought is all that matters. It will be irrelevant how horrendously you butcher the song. They will be amazed and overjoyed with the effort you put in to this special moment. Especially if singing outside of the shower is something you never do. So just go with it. I promise, it means something.

If you still can't gather up the will to do it yourself, I'd bet a six-pack you have a talented friend or two who would be happy to serenade you and your new spouse. Maybe the mother of the bride (or groom) would love to handle the Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dance. Hit up your family and friends, and see who wants a moment in the spotlight.

Well, would you look at that. We ran out of room before we ran out of ideas... I guess you'll have to keep checking back here to find some more unique touches for your special day. Maybe you can spend the time until the next post using your Manly Ring Sizer to determine your perfect fit. It's inexpensive, fast, easy, and you earn a $5 credit off your Manly Band purchase. So go get yours today!

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