Weddings & Whiskey: Learn All About Jack Daniel’s & Our Manly Bands Collab

Manly Bands is always looking for creative new ways to expand our collection and offer men more versatile wedding band designs to fit their sense of style and personality. Most men want their ring to be slightly understated—we don’t want to outshine our partner’s ring, of course—while embodying masculinity and style.

Here at Manly Bands, we want to offer men more options than the same handful of standard, boring gold wedding bands. To help us do so, we got our friends at Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey to give us their input—a collaboration that sparked this one-of-a-kind line. With titanium wedding bands and inlays of real Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels, this collection embodies a sense of laid-back masculinity that every man wants from his wedding ring. Find out more about our new collab and the designs in the collection.

The Story of Jack Daniel

The history of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey reaches all the way back to pre-Civil War times in the U.S. The OG Jack Daniel himself (real name Jasper Newton Daniel) was born sometime between 1846 to 1850, though historians and biographers have been unable to pin down an exact birth date. Daniel was, in many ways, a very self-motivated man even from a young age when he decided to run away from home after his father was killed fighting in the Civil War. 

As just a teenage boy and somewhat of an orphan, Jack Daniel was taken in by a reverend named Dan Call who, alongside a slave named Nathan “Nearest” Green, taught Daniel the art of distilling Tennessee whiskey. After Daniel made the move to open his distillery with inheritance money from his late father, which would be the first registered distillery in the country, he would name Nearest Green (now a free man) the head distiller, a position more commonly referred to as a Master Distiller today.

Though the distillery had been producing whiskey for a few decades prior, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey truly gained mainstream popularity in 1904 after the Old No. 7 bath received a gold medal at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Sadly, Daniel passed away just seven years later due to blood poisoning and left his prized distillery operations to his two nephews. Now, more than 150 years later, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey remains one of the most well-loved brands in the world. 

The Inspiration for the Collection

jack daniels whiskey manly bands

The perfect men’s wedding bands should be sleek, classy, and totally unique, which is surprisingly hard to find when shopping for men’s wedding bands in a traditional jewelry store. Teaming with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey gave us, at Manly Bands, the opportunity to explore more styles that fit with the modern man’s sensibilities. 

Incorporating warm tones from the whiskey barrel inlay and sleeve options was the perfect nod to the brand and its history while also offering our customers a wooden engagement ring that is sure to capture people’s attention and stand out from the same old men’s ring styles. 

Each style in the Manly Bands and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey collection is directly inspired by aspects of the Jack Daniel story with names like “The Jasper” to honor the original founder of  “The Old No. 7” to pay homage to the brand’s most popular spirit. Whether you’re the kind of dude looking for something chic and simple or you’d rather show off a little flash of color, this collection has something for everyone. Ditch the overpriced, boring bands of the world and find a wedding ring that embodies your personality, shows off your style, and pays testament to your love.

Manly Bands Offers Superior Quality

Here at Manly Bands, we want to make the process of shopping for a wedding ring as seamless as possible. For some people, buying jewelry online can be a bit intimidating, but we’ve taken every aspect of the process into consideration, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And, you don’t even need to leave the house to find what you’re looking for. 

the mckinley titanium band

If you don’t already know your ring size, no problem. Place an order for one of our Manly Bands ring sizers, and it’ll arrive right at your doorstep. Find the size that seems to fit best on your finger and keep it on for a couple of hours to make sure that the size still feels comfortable while doing everyday activities. Once you’ve purchased the ring sizer, it’s yours to keep, but you’ll also receive a 20 percent discount code to be used on a ring order. 

Not only is our ordering process easy and convenient—we also offer a 30-day exchange or return policy—but the materials used in our products have been specifically selected to offer variety and quality. With bands made out of everything from black titanium and carbon fiber to wood and meteorite, you’re sure to find a style that speaks to you.

The Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Manly Bands Collection

  • The Bogie: This simple style kicks off the collection with a sleek black zirconium band in a gorgeous charcoal gray color. The outside may seem understated, but the inside features a wooden sleeve made from a genuine Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel. The warm tones of the wood mix with the cool gray for a wedding band style all its own. 
  • The Distiller: The domed shape of this design makes for a comfortable fit on the 8mm-wide ring made from Damascus steel. The steel itself lines the outer edges of the ring with a 5mm inlay of wood from a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel complemented by a dark gray cerakote sleeve inside.
  • The Eisenhower: The high-beveled design of “The Eisenhower” gives this style a crisp, clean appearance against the cobalt chrome band with a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel sleeve. Similar in appearance to “The Bogie,” this style has slightly sharper edges with a satin finish, and the color of the gray is a lighter gray than the dark charcoal.
the honey jack daniels line band

The Honey Solid Gold Wedding Ring

  • The Honey: Honey and Tennessee whiskey belong together like you and your forever partner, which is why this ring is the perfect reminder of the sweet things in life. This solid 10K yellow gold ring features a 3mm inlay of a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel that balances out the brilliant shine of the gold.
  • The Jasper: This style from the Jack Daniel’s collection will have you feeling like the absolute boss that you are. Named after the man who started one of the world’s most beloved whiskey brands, “The Jasper” flawlessly combines a black zirconium band with a 5mm Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel inlay and a 1mm 14K yellow gold accent.
  • The Luchese: One of our favorite aspects of this unique ring in the collection is the textured, distressed surface of the black zirconium band. The deep charcoal gray color of the outside blends perfectly with the warm wooden Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel inlay. The ring shape itself follows a domed design for smoother edges with a comfort fit.
the lynchburg jack daniels line band
  • The Lynchburg: Named after the tiny Tennessee town where this world-famous spirit is produced, “The Lynchburg” ring combines a distressed finish on the 3mm gibeon meteorite inlay while applying a smooth satin finish to the black zirconium edges in charcoal gray. Inside, the ring pays further testament to the town, which produces but ironically cannot legally sell the very product that made it famous, by using a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel inlay. 
  • The Lyndon: The beautiful 7mm cobalt chrome band with a domed design and sand finish is sure to shine while maintaining its sleek, simple appearance. Inside, you’ll find that gorgeous Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel sleeve that makes this collection so unique and fitting for the whiskey-loving man. 
  • The McCafferty: Perhaps the most unique ring in the collection simply because of its unusual shape, “The McCafferty” is a slimmer option, measuring just two mm wide and providing a more comfortable fit for some. The charcoal gray black zirconium exterior has been crafted in a domed shape to lead right into the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel sleeve.
the mckinley jack daniels line band

The McKinley Titanium Wedding Ring

  • The McKinley: Part of our titanium wedding band collection, “The McKinley” was designed with a flat shape and covered in a satin finish for a sleek, light metal coloring, which perfectly complements the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel sleeve. 
  • The Old No. 7: As a tribute to the brand’s oldest and most beloved strain of Tennessee Whiskey, “The Old No. 7” is as classic in design as its namesake is in taste. The warm wooden appearance of the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel inlay creates a chic look when contrasted next to the black zirconium band. Though this aspect of the design is pretty classic, the black diamonds inlaid into the sideband jazz up this style and add a little extra something.
  • The Rye: If you’re looking for the perfect wooden engagement ring, this style is one of our favorite options in the collection as the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel inlay covers the exterior of the band and gradually moves into the black zirconium that surrounds the wood on the sideband and interior.
  • The Single Barrel: Creating a single batch barrel of whiskey is all about creating something new, unique, and all your own—much like entering a marriage. It’s something special created by two people in love. Pay homage to your love for each other with this gorgeous cobalt chrome band featuring a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel inlay and a high-beveled design with a polished finish. 
  • The Smitty: One of the most flashy styles in the Jack Daniels Collection, “The Smitty” combines several different materials to make one handsome-looking ring. The band itself is back from a deep charcoal-gray-colored black zirconium that features a 3mm Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel inlay and a 1mm accent of blue cerakote. The brilliant color of the blue against the rich wooden stain of the barrel is mesmerizing and truly one of a kind.
  • The Taylor: The exterior of this band is made from Damascus steel with a flat design and polished finished that highlights the unique line shapes that decorate the band. Inside, a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel sleeve has been incorporated into the design as a nod to one of the greatest whiskey distillers of all time.
the tennessee jack daniels line band

The Tennessee Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

  • The Tennessee: Okay, we can’t think of anything more badass than combining real wood from a genuine Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel with a sleek, black dinosaur bones inlay, but “The Tennessee” does just that. The base of the ring is made from black zirconium that was fit with a 3mm inlay of the wooden bar and a 3mm inlay of dinosaur bones, creating a strikingly beautiful contrast.
  • The Twain: For the guy who prefers to don something a bit more funky or eye-catching, “The Twain” might be just the style for you. Featuring a Damascus steel band with a unique acid finish to highlight the almost zebra-like lines in the steel, this ring is like no other. Oh, and, of course, we added that Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel inlay for a bit of warmth.

Find a Ring That’s Just as Smooth and Spirited as Your Favorite Whiskey

the honey solid gold ring

Let your inner self shine through in your most important piece of jewelry—your wedding band. Whether you’re looking for a slightly more understated style featuring a sleek titanium band and a softwood sleeve or a more eye-catching style with unique elements like dinosaur bones or meteorite, Manly Bands has something for you. Browse our selection of unique wedding bands and select a style that suits you. 

Shop All Of Our Badass Wedding Rings

Don’t worry! We offer a 30-day exchange or return policy on every order because we want to ensure that each and every one of our customers are completely satisfied. But, with a stunning collection like this, who wouldn’t want to slip on a Manly Bands ring? Check out our other collections and styles to find the one you’ll cherish forever.

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