What's in the Box!? What's a Wedding Ring Box & Do I Need One?

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Engagement and wedding etiquette is a strange thing since it differs between cultures but can be equally as strict across the board. There are a lot of standards that probably your parents or grandparents are expecting to be met like what colors are worn, what roles certain family members play, and following proper wedding ring etiquette. 

Engagement ring vs. wedding ring: What’s the difference?! What do you do with your wedding rings leading up to the big day? And how do you hold onto them on the day of (if you somehow didn’t already lose them)? Can you, as the groom, just hold your bride’s wedding ring in your pocket or do you need a special wedding ring box to store it in? Luckily we’re here to answer all of life’s most important questions. 

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What to Do with the Engagement Ring  

Common etiquette dictates how engagement rings and wedding rings are meant to be worn when the time comes. Here are some “rules” you and your soon-to-be spouse should keep in mind. 

  • Wearing the Engagement Ring
  • Some brides will keep their engagement ring on their fingers for the rest of their lives, and their wedding day is no different. The only shift required here is that tradition states your wedding ring should be worn closest to your heart, so your new wife will have to shift her rings once the ceremony is over. 

  • Moving the Engagement Ring
  • Other brides might decide to switch their engagement ring over to their ring finger on their right hand, as it will keep it safe while ensuring that their left ring finger is free for the new wedding ring (not a new husband). 

  • Leaving the Engagement Ring Behind 
  • If your bride-to-be is worried about losing her engagement ring, she can just leave it at home. This might be the best option for anxious brides, as it will remove any stress on the big day. 

     The Baron Solid Gold Wedding Ring

    The Baron Solid Gold Wedding Ring

    Who’s Carrying Your Rings (and Who Can You Trust)?

    On the day of, you’ll be tasked with carrying the rings up to the ceremony, but tradition often has someone else in the bride’s and groom’s entourage caring for the rings for them, showing the symbol of trust they feel in the people around them. Just make sure it’s someone you can really trust, you won’t want to be scavenging around for misplaced wedding rings!

    Tradition often has it that the best man should carry the rings for the bride and groom. Once getting to the altar, they’ll hand the rings off to the officiant, who will then hand them to the bride and groom to exchange. But if you can’t trust your best man with such a task, it might be a smart idea to rely on someone else at the ceremony. 

    The other common choices include having the officiant hold onto them throughout the ceremony or having them held by a younger nephew or niece within the family, who will come up to the altar and hand them off to the bride and groom. The choice is truly up to whatever you and your bride are most comfortable with. 

     The Manly Birch Ring Box

    The Manly Birch Ring Box

    How Will Your Rings Be Carried?

    One of the biggest questions you’ll have to ask before your wedding day is a rather simple one: How will the rings be carried to the bride, groom, and officiant? Everyone has a preference, but the two most common methods are carrying them on a plate or holding them in a ring box. 

    Whatever method you choose, it’s a smart idea to safely store your wedding rings away in a special box before the big day. These boxes are durable and often have a padded interior. This ensures that your rings are protected from damage such as scratching or denting. Also, it will help you avoid touching or losing them—the latter is the worst thing that can possibly happen!  

    If you decide to go with boxes for your wedding day, think about getting a cool box that matches the ring. Weddings are truthfully about style—they’re representative of who you are as a couple, both together and individually. The groom’s ring can be stored in our Manly Birch Ring Box to safeguard it against damage while providing it an excellent home, perfect for the groom who loves spending his free time woodworking or out hiking in the mountains.

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    If you’re looking for a ring to meet your manly needs, whether working in the shop or roughhousing with your dog, we’ve got you covered. Once you find the ring that suits your needs, consider grabbing a wedding ring box to protect your wedding band until the big day.

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