Which Finger Does a Wedding Ring Go on (and Why)?

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So, you could do without a tan on your left hand where your fourth finger meets your knuckle? Ed Sheeran is a lyricist, and there shall be no slander otherwise. Either way, looking at rings got you thinking. There are some odd wedding traditions out there. Why does the ring go on the left ring finger? Because it’s the ring finger, dummy. Article over. 

No, just kidding. But imagine.

The Classic Option

Well, there’s no rule that says you have to use the left ring finger. Slap that bad boy on your right middle finger and show the world who’s boss. That being said, the tradition dates back to the Ancient Romans. While the Ancient Egyptians likely were the first to craft and wear wedding rings, Ancient Romans are believed to have pioneered the idea that there was a Vena Amoris (that’s “vein of love” if you don’t happen to speak Latin) that ran from the ring finger to the heart. They also bathed without soap, so let’s not take everything they say as fact.  

As it turns out, there is no Vena Amoris, and you have veins in all your fingers. Fun science fact. That didn’t stop it from sticking, and this is what people think of to this day (at least in the West).

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But There Are Others

Actually, wedding rings have been worn on all fingers of both hands throughout history. While it may still be worn on the ring finger, rings are common on the right hand in countries like Germany, Norway, Russia and India. In some cultures, you’ll even see toe rings. 

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Can I Wear It on a Different Finger?

Absolutely! Really, who’s going to stop you? Whether you want to give a nod to your culture or you just want a big ass pinky ring for your wedding (you do you), you throw that bad boy on whatever finger or toe you like. Know that wearing your wedding ring on your right index finger may make ladies at the bar think you’re single, so do with that information what you will. 

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The one thing you can’t really do is change fingers. Maybe from the left ring finger to the right, but that’s about it. You probably don’t want to switch it around from finger to finger, just so you know. If you plan to wear it on a finger that isn’t your ring finger, double-check the size you’re going with. Couldn’t hurt to check the size, even if you’re using the traditional left ring finger as your ring holder.

Does the Engagement Ring Go on the Same Finger?

It can! While some say you should wear the engagement ring on the right hand and then the wedding ring on the left at the ceremony, there’s no hard and fast rule. Many people choose to just wear the engagement ring on the left hand up until the wedding ceremony itself. Whether you want them on the same finger as one band, both on one finger separately, or on opposite hands is up to you. If you wear your engagement ring on your left ring finger, no one will look at you strangely so don’t sweat it.

Now you know! It’s not the most useful bit of knowledge, but you know whom to thank if it ever comes up in bar trivia!

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