Who to Snag Presents for at the Wedding

Appreciation and Keepsakes: Don't Leave Anyone Out on Your Special Day

Some engaged couples get excited about creating their registries as soon they start to plan their new lives together. They think about the new blender and matching dishes that will make their home complete as well as the generous gifts of cash that might lead to purchasing their first home or going on a great honeymoon. However, there are also tons of gifts the bride and groom should get for others.

The Bridal Party

The origins of bridal parties started in ancient Rome when a group of 10 people were required at weddings. They dressed similarly to the bride and groom so any evil spirits would be confused and couldn't mess up the day or curse the marriage. Being in such a group is an important job even to this day, and it deserves appreciation.

Giving a gift to your groomsmen and bridesmaids is pretty much expected. Even in modern times, they do a lot for you throughout the wedding process. Giving a gift shows you recognize they've gone the extra mile and you're glad they're part of your special day. Common groomsmen gifts include pocket watches, flasks and cuff links. Bridesmaids may appreciate jewelry, a personalized bag or something else that reflects your friendship more directly. For each of these options, there are products to fit almost any budget. Don't forget a little something for the flower girl and ring bearer!

In the distant past, the best man was literally the best man you know, someone talented at fighting and protection. He was responsible for protecting your bride at the altar. The maid of honor was an honorable woman who attended to the bride for days before the wedding, making sure she made it to the wedding. While things are somewhat different these days, you should still have an extra special gift for your maid of honor and best man. They will have done a lot of helpful tasks, such as planning your bachelor or bachelorette party and making sure your day goes off without a hitch. Traditionally, gifts for the bridal party are given at the rehearsal dinner.

The Parentals

Families don't always get along, but they are usually there for you on days you need them most, and a wedding is definitely one of those. Giving your parents a gift shows that you are thankful for the way they've been involved in your life and acknowledges their role in getting you to this point. These gifts don't have to be given to your blood relatives if they aren't involved. They can be given to anyone you feel had a hand in raising you and making you the person you are today. These presents are also typically given at the rehearsal dinner the day before the nuptials.

Be Like Oprah

When it comes to party favors at a wedding, everyone should get some small token of appreciation, whether it's a candle to take home, a jar full of candy or a magnet with the date of your wedding on it. This practice originated around 700 A.D. or so in Italy. Aristocrats showed off by giving small but lavish gifts to wedding guests, since others couldn't afford to do so. Over the next thousand years, giving favors became a trend for just about everyone throwing a nuptial event. Modern party favors are usually between $1 and $3 each, meaning that it won't break the bank too badly, even if you have a large group in attendance. There are many options for the distribution of wedding favors. If you have assigned seating at your party, you can put one at each place setting. You can also have them on a table near the exit so guests can pick one up as they leave.

Your Boo

You'll be giving each other a wedding ring and a vow, which is the best gift of all. Why not make that experience unique? There are rings that reflect the personality of the bride and groom, with unique materials such as tungsten or antler. A titanium men's ring is a way to say "I do" in a different way and is great for couples who want to have their day reflect their personal style and taste.

Many brides and grooms also get their future spouse a little something to show how excited they are to share the day with them. A nice flower or accessory will make the day more beautiful. Others give something bigger, such as a set of new golf clubs or a beautiful piece of jewelry to be worn with the wedding dress. You know your spouse best, and whatever you give should be a reflection of your interests as a couple and your relationship. If it is something to be worn at the wedding, it may be best to give it at the rehearsal dinner or during a private moment alone before the wedding. If not, any time is great for giving your honey a gift.

Gifts make everyone involved feel recognized and leave them with a keepsake to remember the day. While gifts are never fully expected, they are always appreciated. Seeing someone's face light up at a lovely gift will make your special day even better!

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