Y'all Still Tripping: More Do's And Don'ts When Planning Your Honeymoon

Alright, I've got fresh java, a charged laptop battery and a list of notes by my side. We've got a lot of ground to cover and a limited word count to work with. Are you ready to tackle more Honeymoon Do's and Don'ts?

Three's A Crowd: Inviting Others On Your Honeymoon

I know, it sounds pretty strange to mention bringing other grown adults on a trip that is meant for just you and your new spouse. Honestly, I'd bet the thought never even crossed your mind until I mentioned it just now. In fact, unless you have a destination wedding in mind, it really doesn't make much sense at all. So...

DON'T: Don't bring along any third, fourth, or thirteenth wheels. Your room is just that: Yours. It is meant for you, and your new spouse. You will want plenty of alone time, as well as plenty of time to rest. Even if you have a gigantic suite, it's going to feel like you're practically on top of one another... And that phrase should only apply to the newlyweds.

On top of that, having others crash your Honeymoon Suite typically means they will be crashing your entire Honeymoon. Dinner reservations will no longer just be for two, you'll be booking more tickets to any shows you want to attend, everything will become a group activity. And odds are good, if you got stuck putting your friend up in your room, you'll wind up paying their way all trip long. You just don't need that stress.

On the other hand...

DO: I did mention destination weddings. And that kinda changes things, dear bro. It wouldn't be very fair of you to invite your nearest and dearest to, say, a lovely beachfront wedding, and ask them to leave the very next day. If your people traveled all this way to celebrate your nuptials with you, it is only fair to let them have a nice vacation too.

And honestly, there's no harm in having some of your closest family and friends nearby. Case in point: If you are hitting the beach like I mentioned, what could be better than a day or two, sitting under the umbrella with a few friends, having some drinks and laughing the day away. Fun times with friends and family can be a great (and possibly inexpensive) activity between having a romantic dinner with your new spouse, and a romantic... um... "Moment" with them back in the room.

Just make sure your friends and family have their own rooms... Preferably on a different floor than yours, or even a separate (but nearby) building. You want them close by, but not too close. Got it?

Tending The Spawn: Do Kids Go On Honeymoons?

While we are on the topic of extra bodies in your Honeymoon Suite, we can't move on until we talk about the little ones. Now, yes, if you and your new spouse don't have any children between you, this one is easy. It's highly unlikely any circumstance would have you taking a niece or nephew on your trip with you if their actual parents aren't going as well. So...

DON'T: If you have any, and I do mean ANY, option to leave the kiddos back home under someone's care, do it. I know, it sounds selfish, but your Honeymoon is your one absolute moment to be completely selfish, without guilt. This is a celebration of your newlywed love, with all the romantic and physical aspects that they entail. As we said above; a Third Wheel will put a major damper on all of that. Turn that third wheel into a tiny human you have to physically take care of, and the Honeymoon loses pretty much all of its luster.


DO: If you happen to have any friends or family that happen to be sticking around after the wedding (if it's a destination wedding,) or you opted to attach your Honeymoon to an already existing family vacation, then maybe, perhaps, the kiddos can come along, and stay with them.

It takes a bit of planning (and probably begging, pleading, and possibly bribing) to pawn your kids off on someone else on their own vacation. Sure, if they truly are your nearest and dearest, they will likely be at least a little understanding and accommodating.

Just remember: You'll likely have to care for your kiddos at some point on the trip, so you will still have to plan around them, rather than just each other. Yeah, having a moment or three together as a family will be nice, but family time and romance just don't mix. If you do have the kids with you, plan ahead.

Alright bro, let me check those notes... Yep, we still have more to cover. Guess we'll be doing one more of these posts... And the coffee is cold.

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See you next time, with more Honeymoon Do's and Don'ts!

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