Attributes in a Woman

         This article will address a man’s concerns on the attributes of a 

woman; it will consider a few examples of what is important to you and 

your happiness; we will address a man’s attributes next article.

  Many of today’s couples are together due to certain attributes in one 

another;  as your relationship grows you needed to ask the question if this 

woman is the one; the one person you want by your side and the 

woman you want to share your life with. 

     So let’s begin: to me one of the most important attributes a woman 

should have is loyalty; You want and need someone by your side that will 

be committed to you, not only during the happy times but also during 

difficult ones as well. A woman needs to be sincere and honest, in a few 

words your best friend that won’t judge you. Loyalty can be looked at as 

faithfulness and trust in the building blocks of a relationship.

     Another attribute that I admire in a woman is the ability to 

communicate not only verbal but non-verbal as well. To communicate 

effectively, it is important to listen and stay focused. When communicating 

give direct eye to eye contact, show you care. There is a “48 hour rule” 

used in communication practice- basically this means wait 48 hours to see 

if the anger/hurt is still there. When you engage in open and genuine 

communication it helps solidify your relationship.

     Compassion, to me, is another one of those attributes that can only 

bring love into a relationship. Compassion can be an everyday affair; it 

could be a smile, a hug, a shoulder to lean or cry on: compassion is all 

about showing how much you care for your partner

     Finally, it’s all about family. This is very important because this attribute 

holds the keys for a healthy and happy relationship. The family is the core 

of one’s life; it brings not only happiness but a feeling of warmth and 

acceptance. Good family relationships influence the values you desire.

      My next article will look at men’s attributes but until then

                                    Good Luck !!

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