Couple Conflict and Ways to Resolve

     It happens to every couple, don’t be fooled to think you 

are the only couple that have conflict. Today we look at 

some everyday conflicts and attempt how to resolve them.

     The first conflict is who’s the boss. This is a serious one because 

if married, your personal independence and self-esteem becomes 

almost non- existent. A working relationship with two established 

people means there is no person in charge; working to resolve  

issues can happen when you respect and love one another.

     The next issue may be personality conflict in other words do 

opposites really attract; the answer is yes and no; if your 

personalities are opposite, the sad truth is that most relationships 

become increasingly brittle and most relationships fail. Couples with 

the same personality traits may feel less stress and pressure when 

facing a conflict. Their similar traits allow each others to resolve a 

conflict with little or no negative feelings toward one another.

     Intimacy or lack of may create a genuine conflict, especially in a 

long term relationship that was once very satisfying;  intimacy does 

not just pertain to sex it also encompasses feelings of the heart and 

mind; It may be difficult but couples can survive, however, what may 

happen is that one or both of you may become unhappy and less 

secure in your relationship and the partnership may become 

unhappy for both of you.

     The last conflict, although there are many others, is that absence 

of goals. There needs to be a game plan for the future, a purpose. 

Some goals may be owning a home, having children, staying 

intimate  and making each other top priority. Ways to avoid conflict 

is to communicate feelings, especially when you or your partner feel 

unhappy with an issue. Stay true to your feelings; be yourself and 

develop social behavior skills, such as tone of voice, trust and 

openness between each other. Remember to resolve a conflict all 

you need to be is honest and true to yourself.

                                  Good Luck!!

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