Couples and Dating

   Dating, in itself, is like shopping; there is no commitment. Dating is a 

learning experience; it helps you acknowledge what and who you want in 

a relationship and ways to improve everyday life encounters. This article 

will focus on some ways dating may lead to a relationship.

     First, why do people date; some are looking for fun and want to avoid a

 relationship; some date to avoid loneliness and others are looking for a 

relationship and want to start a family;  let’s focus on the latter.

     For dating to become a relationship there are some key factors:

First, is this person making you a better person; does he/she show 

empathy to your feelings, do they fulfill all of your needs and do they 

understand the importance of being supportive.

     Secondly, are they able to communicate their wants and desires but 

also yours; when they do communicate do you feel an attachment and a 

bond that brings out your inner-self

     Third, are they family oriented; are decisions made with the family 

being considered first. people like this usually are caring and respectful; 

they have been raised with qualities that invoke an importance of life and 

its meaning. A family oriented person makes a wonderful partner because 

he/she has been taught the morals of life.

    Fourth, do they appreciate you by giving compliments, being thankful 

for what you do and sharing their time with you even in the difficult 

moments. Being appreciated helps improve your mental state; it improves 

your self-esteem and creates a feeling of self worth.

     Finally, To go from dating to a relationship may be a huge step for 

some, however, if you consider some of the above suggestions the 

outcome may be rewarding. Remember to take each day slowly, 

experience the personalities and characteristics of each other and have 


                                             Good Luck!!

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