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Couples and Forgiveness

    Being a couple requires mutual respect, love and the quality of forgiveness. Forgiveness is an important part of a lasting relationship.

Forgiveness, between a couple solidifies a bond, not only of respect but 
helps to build a connection that may allow and accept each other's flaws.
When we forgive our partner we acknowledge their weakness and we

 focus on their positive traits.We all have made mistakes, how we correct them is the challenge. This article will offer some suggestions that may help a couple learn how to forgive.

     First, find a place and time where there are no distractions and the two 
of you can be alone; be honest and express your feelings through good 
eye contact and genuine sorrow. It's important that your partner hears,  
sees and feels your affliction.
     Another way is to remember that actions speak louder than words; you 
need to put an effort in by making changes to yourself; example (ie. 
raising your voice; show your partner that instead of rising your voice you 
have changed by calmly discussing the issue.
     A third way is to dismiss the hurt feelings; holding on to the hurtful 
memory, even if you forgive your partner, may prevent total forgiveness 
and make rebuilding your relationship difficult. At this stage it may be wise 
to consult a form of counseling that can resolve the hurt.
     Next, remember, forgiving is a hard thing to do and takes time.
As a couple, understanding that forgiving in a sincere manner, may 
bring your relationship to a higher level; it shows empathy for you 
both and may help resolve the conflict.
     Finally, admit that you made a mistake; sometimes this is the most 
difficult part of asking forgiveness; however, if you and your partner 
share a special bond then this may be a good beginning.

                                  Good Luck !!