Couples and Intimacy

     We all want our lives to be bells and whistles, especially when it comes

to intimacy, however, what is true intimacy. The definition of intimacy as

described by “”  is being “affectionate or having a loving

personal relationship with another person”. Many people may think of

intimacy as sexual closeness and this could be true, however, this article

will attempt to describe other forms of intimacy that may bring more

happiness and love into a relationship.

     The first is emotional: this form may be one of the most critical one, for

it’s the understanding of inner feelings and understanding. Emotional

intimacy involves two common threads, respect and love. Basically, you

both are connected through feelings and experiences.

     The second is intellectual intimacy: to do this a couple unveil their

feelings on issues past and present. As a couple link their beliefs they

share not only their ideas but also their differences. Usually this type of

intimacy begins in the early stages of a relationship because little is

known about each other; as time travels on and due to all the

connections, couples may be able to predict what happens next.

     The third is experimental intimacy: this could be the most fun one; here

you and your partner enjoy different types of experience together. One of

my favorites is cooking a meal together, not just any meal but tested and

delicious old recipes that connect to your culture; another is setting up a

date night or even just a short walk where you can cuddle and hold


     My last type, although there are several others is the intimacy of love

shown to one another; making one another appreciate your relationship.

Key elements here are thoughtfulness, such as remembering birthdays

and anniversaries, leaving notes describing your feelings and maybe a

little flirty, whatever you chose, the main goal is to appreciate the quality of

togetherness. Remember, intimacy is different to all of us; what you both

choose will set forth a pass for happiness.

                                              Good Luck !!
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