Couples and Secrets

     Is it okay to keep secrets from your partner? Does it lessen your trust or create a false pretense in your relationship?  This article will touch upon the reasons secrets made be hidden from your partner and when to feel comfortable to share.

     It is very important to be honest in a relationship, however, there are times to hide secrets from your partner, especially when the topic may be humiliating or shameful. One’s past may hold a trunk of unpleasant memories that may be difficult to discuss and relive; sometimes we hold secrets just to be liked or accepted; secrets are all about trust; each time you share a secret you are allowing your partner to be part of your persona, and for some that is rewarding.

     When you are in a solid relationship, you feel that sharing your secrets is a form of freedom, finally you are able to let go and express your inner thoughts and be thankful you have a confidante. Often when you let your guard down, honesty in feelings and love may grow;  what was once an enigma may now become a key part of your relationship. A sense of relief could be felt and your inner self feeling relieved.

     So, by looking at both sides you may want to choose what I call good secrets and bad ones. Good secrets are ones that we hope can do absolutely no harm; a good secret is usually centered around elation and happiness. It can express the inner depths of one’s soul and knowledge and these kinds of secrets are often made public.

     Bad secrets are usually disturbing ones not only to you but to others; with bad secrets comes stress and anxiety, especially in your relationship. You may have feelings of worry, shame and guilt which can affect your health and mental status. Please remember that in times when there is a serious problem that you feel you cannot share with your partner there is always professional expertise that can help you through troubling times.

     In closing, secrets have different meanings; how they apply to couples are all different and each one sure be dealt with differently.

                                    Good Luck !!

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