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Couples and Their Friends

     Beginning a new relationship is never easy but once
you both are dating it’s time to meet each other’s friends.
Sounds simple enough but wait-- what if you don’t like
them or they don’t like you what can be done to prevent
this-answer is; find out about them from talking to your
partner and learn as much as possible; their likes, dislikes
their personality and their quirks. This article will explore
a few ideas on how to impress each other's friends.

     First, show friends how you care for your partner; be
supportive, hold hands, be complementary and don’t cling.
Each of you need to show you are different because of the
relationship and still possess your independence.

     Second, there is always someone you don’t impress;
don’t worry about it, because they may be just watching
out for your partner’s best interest and once they get to
know you, hopefully they will realize you are the one.

 Third, engage in the conversation that is meaningful and
shows your personality. Ask their thoughts about a topic
and their recommendations on a topic; ask questions that
are simple, keep it non-threatening. Acknowledge to them
you enjoyed the conversation and let them know you look
forward to speaking with them again.

     Finally, be yourself;  smile upon introduction and
remember their names. A person will feel complimented
by remembering their name; try to relax and show
enthusiasm and talk about what attracts you to your
partner by being positive about one another. Remember by meeting
each other’s friends you are entering another part of each other’s lives
which you hope will bring years of love and happiness.

                                         Good Luck!!