Couples - Do You think Your Relationship is Better than Others?

     We all want to think that and hopefully your relationship 

is better than others, however, be careful not to look at 

other relationships and wish yours was like theirs. Focus 

on positive elements in your partnership and stay away 

from negativity which may cause anger and jealousy. Let’s 

explore some components that make up a healthy 


     First component is self-respect for you and respect for

your partner. When you are with your partner you 

acknowledge that they have their own thoughts and beliefs 

and you value their opinions and feelings.

     The second component is keeping the past in the past. The past 

cannot be changed; however, the present and future can and both 

partners need to agree that the past is no longer a concern. People learn 

from their mistakes and we only can hope that most relationships move 

forward not backwards,

     The third one is to provide happiness for one another; happiness can 

be verbal, such as please and thank you, or non verbal like holding hands 

when walking together. One key concept is treat others the way you wish 

to be treated.

     The fourth component is one that some couples may not work hard 

enough on, it’s simple, just have fun. Take sunset walks, have a date 

night, cook meals together, go to yard sales etc. Having fun together does 

not have to be expensive but the joy it brings may be priceless.

     Lastly, show compassion to each other; don’t confuse compassion with 

passion; compassion is able to feel one’s pain while passion is based 

more on the intimacy relationship. Showing compassion towards one 

another shows the ability of good communication. Compassion builds a

strong foundation that may inspire deep love and commitment.


                                     Good Luck !!

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