Couples on the Rebound

 Imposter love is sometimes compromised with the loss of true love, especially after a long commitment. The feelings of despair and hopelessness can be devastating and send your emotions into a whirlwind. Too often couples seek out love to fill the void. This emotion can be problematic because jumping into a new relationship after being in a past one, may be for all the wrong reasons. This article will attempt to look at some fears that may happens and some ways to avoid making a possible mistake.

One of the most common fears is loneliness; this feeling can trigger forces that can impact your physical and mental state. It can change how you act and interact with yourself and others and may lead you into a false relationship. The best way to avoid this is to surround yourself with family and friends with  whom you trust and can talk to.

Another fear is your self-image; this may raise your level of distress, may make you question or blame yourself, could lower your self-esteem and make you feel inadequate. Your confidence level will need a reboot; surround yourself with newity; new clothes, new projects and new interests; choose things that are going to make you feel good about yourself. This is the time to put yourself first.

Finally, the fear of trust: this is a major concern because it may prevent you from letting yourself open up to another; you may always feel uncomfortable in any relationship and begin to question everything. 

The only way to conquer this fear is to trust again and move on; your relationship is a daily dose of trust and the more you trust the more comfortable you will be with your partner.

So in closing be aware of the fears and avoid the rebounding game until you are confident and willing to take small steps toward finding that special relationship you so much deserve.

Good Luck !!

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