Couples That Give Chances

     Losing trust in a relationship can be devastating and it takes an extraordinary person to forgive and offer a second chance. However, a few things to question before you put your relationship back together; First, do second chances work; yes and no; and second do you and your partner want a second chance. This article will examine the pros and cons.

      First, let's look at the cons:  your partner hurt you once what’s to stop them from hurting you again. It’s been said people who are hurt by their partner may forgive but have difficulty forgetting; your relationship could be fragile and memories do not fade, especially the hurtful ones.

Second, why are you giving a second chance--it may cause self-doubt about yourself; were you the cause, what could have been done differently by your actions? Can you see the self-doubt and hurt it causes your inner soul. 

Lastly, whatever happened caused a moment in your life that will change forever; every time you look into their eyes you may feel the loneliness and emptiness in your heart.

     Now the pros: First, your happiness; you are comfortable with this person, you have a strong connection to them and you have made plans for the future- together. 

Second, rekindling of love and intimacy; this is when you look back on how your relationship began and how you dreamed it would be; this is a time when you re-discover your own personality and get in touch with your inner-self.

Finally, you and your partner have a chance to reconnect and find true love that may help you both face life together and solve problems successfully. Together, the expectations you both may have can lead to total happiness. Remember you are both in this together.

                                       Good Luck !!

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