Equality in Couples

      During these times of disturbing  inequalities, there needs to be some 

form of guidelines and respectfulness given to one another. This pertains 

especially to couples that desire a happy and loving relationship This 

article will touch upon some ways to show thoughtfulness and admiration 

to your partner.

     One favorable way is to understand that equality means respect; the 

respect of feelings, ideas, opinions and aspirations. With respect comes 

trust, trust is a crucial part of a relationship, and may help you both rely on 

one another when difficult circumstances occur. Being respectful also 

involves the use of applying  social skills, such as listening, eye contact 

and compromising.

    The next type is all about fairness; fairness has many identities in which 

couples show compassion and being sensitive to your partner. The  

perception between couples is that  being fair tends to lead to happiness 

and equality. With fairness comes dignity,, by showing dignity to your 

partner, you are  acknowledging their  needs are just as important as 

yours.  Being fair does not mean if you rub my back I'll rub yours, no, 

being fair means making a solid effort to recognize and appreciate one 


     As we move on, let's look at another key element that is part of having 

equality and that is communication, constructive communication, in which 

one hopes to promote their understanding  and love. Couples need to 

discuss their feelings and views with no fear of negative retribution. A 

mistake some people may  make, is who is right and who is wrong[ you 

must realize this is not a competition, stay away from the blame game, it 

never usually works.

     Finally, team work; a couple, who are focused on making their 

relationship work, develops some form of goals and ambitions;

it’s a collaborative effort that brings both of you onto the same page; it’s a

blend of emotions and passion that may solidify the purpose of your

relationship. Remember, it takes both of you to make this work and feel equal to

each other.


                                      Good Luck !!

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