Family, Is It A Priority To You?

 We hear a lot about the values in our lives but when it comes right down 

to it, as a couple, which priority is important in your relationship.

This article will probe the above and will offer some suggestions on the 

priority you both may need to agree upon.

  Let’s examine family as top priority. We do not choose our family; the 

family we have can never change. The role of the family is to surround 

itself with love, happiness and protection. Our family history can be 

instrumental in how we are raised; it can be the basis of the type of life we 

share with others. The family environment and role models in the family 

may have a direct impact on the importance of one’s character. In our 

world today family values tend to shape our beliefs and lives. High morals 

learned will most often yield the differences between right and wrong and 

empowers relationships that promote empathy and self-worth. 

     So all this being said, as a couple you need to take an inventory of 

each other’s family; because what you may observe in your partner’s 

family could be an image of your family down the road in the future. We 

want our family to set the table for us in areas that contribute to society 

and our lives. We want the family model of contentment and success, 

however, like leading a horse to water, we need to ingest the purpose that 

is placed upon us and embraces the positivity of our actions.  If a family 

is disconnected and lacks high standards what may happen is a behavior 

that is unacceptable and lacks decency towards the people in our world;  

bottom line, regardless of the type of family you may have, they are yours. 

Family is forever and regardless of the likes or dislikes i hope you regard 

the family as the top priority.

                                     Good Luck !!

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