Forgiveness in A Relationship

 Forgiveness in a is a key element in any relationship. The ability to 

forgive can at times be difficult; it means you are allowing certain feelings 

such as anger and hurt to be dismissed. This article will touch upon the 

subject of forgiveness and how to forgive your partner.

     There are several ways to forgive and move on in a relationship.

One way is with a sincere apology. This can be difficult for some people 

but apologizing can break the tension and anger and allow a couple to 

restart. It is an admittance of error and gives your partner some hope that 

such behavior will not happen again. A sincere apology allows your 

partner to feel better about themselves and gives some satisfaction 

knowing that they were not at fault.

     Another way of forgiveness is through communication. When someone 

hurts another there needs to be a process of managing feelings; feelings 

and emotions need to be discussed and confronted. By communicating 

with each other you are taking steps to erase the hurt and move on.

     Understanding is another element of forgiveness. We need to 

acknowledge that we all at one time or another make judgement errors.

Sometimes we expect too much from our partner and may set the bar to 

high; don’t expect your partner to be like you. All of us are different and 

should not be held accountable for certain principles or intentions. This by 

no means excuses the undesirable behavior, however, it helps to form a 

bridge that can lead to acceptance.

     Finally, forgiveness plays a role in one's emotional and physical health; 

letting go of anger and resentment will calm one’s body, reduce stress and 

provide better sleep and reduction of anxiety.  Forgiveness helps to 

improve our immune system, psychological well-being and self-esteem.

                                      Good Luck !!

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