How Couples Make Their Relationship Successful


  We all want to have that special magic that makes a relationship 

successful. We wonder after the first date could this be the one that has 

that magical touch; the truth is there is no magic; it takes hard work and 

some creativity to make his happen;  this article will probe some key 

strategies that may assist you and your partner in finding such success.

     The first strategy is respect for one another. With little or no respect, a 

relationship will flounder. To have a hearty relationship you need respect; 

you both need to treat each other as a complete person and understand 

that both of you have separate ideas and feelings. There needs to be the 

ability to argue with an open mind, listen to not only what is said but how it 

is said and finally holds each other’s needs and feelings in high regard.

     Another tactic is to do the unexpected; such as leaving notes ( some 

could be suggestive ) on mirrors, in lunches in their pockets; surprise your 

partner with something they like such as the remote or dinner. The point is 

to show you care and be spontaneous. When you and your partner are 

practicing this tactic it shows empathy and support as well as developing 

a relationship that says “I am here for you”.

      Commitment is  giving your word and understanding that you both are 

in this relationship in happy or bad times; that together you both will work 

together to stay connected. Compromising sometimes is a huge part of 

this because you both want the best for each other and by working 

together you can achieve your needs.

     The last strategies I will mention are passion and compassion. These 

two feelings are similar yet different;  passion can be very powerful 

especially at the onset of a relationship. The expression “can’t keep hands 

off one another “ is a good example of this. However, the feelings of love 

may never change but the desires tend to fade. In a  compassionate 

love, there still maybe some intimacy, however, the relationship is 

more about getting along as friends and lovers. 

     These are only a few ideas to help start you on a road to a 

successful relationship.

                                                 Good Luck!!

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