How to Make Up

     Whether a couple, which may be married or not, we all have moments 

in our relationships that we argue, it happens. How you respond to 

these moments can be crucial in your partnership. This article will provide 

some key strategies that may resolve such conflicts. 

     Identify the true conflict. Many times arguments happen due to another 

inner issue that creates tension and anger. Be honest with your partner 

and discuss what is truly the issue and be sensitive to one another

     Create an atmosphere which is non-threatening; be calm and 

respectful; try to set a positive tone to the disagreement and respect each 

others point of view.

     Establish a time limit to discuss what may be bothering you; if you are 

able to accomplish this a lot of unnecessary discourse can be avoided. 

Also, the time of day is important, first thing in the morning or right after 

work may not be the ideal times to discuss your conflict. Choose a time of 

day you both feel relaxed and open to a discussion.

     Communicate to your partner what and why you are feeling angered;  

you need to establish a connection between each other so that you are 

not pointing the finger at only them; establish ground rules and try to stay 

positive and address only one issue at a time. Avoid non-verbal 

communication such as ( eye rolling, mean or frustrated looks, walking 

away), Don’t be too proud to apologize. 

     Find a release for your anger;  sometimes after the discussion or 

argument you may still feel anxious or tense; when this happens look for 

other options that may help you relax  such as a run or workout, listening 

to soothing music and/or deep breathing or massage.

     Finally, once the discussion/argument is done, then move on. Treat 

one another as you want to be treated. Together plan something that will 

ignite the spark and help to rekindle your feelings toward one another. 

                                      Good Luck !!

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