Summer Love

     Summer time for most of us can be an adventure in finding our 

soulmate; why is this, well one reason may be because of the factors 

associated with summer; the warm weather, social gatherings, less 

clothing and less stress. However, be careful don’t get entrapped by 

having a relationship built on fun and broken promises. This article will 

attempt to look at the do’s and don’t of beginning a relationship during the 


     Depending who you ask, summer is one of the most romantic seasons 

to fall in love. How to make this happen depends on what you do. First, 

this is the time to take the opportunity to get out and meet people. This is 

the time to let loose and have fun. You want to try new adventures such 

as attending cookouts,  sunset walks, stargaze and so much more. 

Second, use the warm weather and longer days to your advantage;

During the summer there is usually less stress and more opportunity to 

meet opposite sex. It’s time to play the field and not worry about 

commitment. Summer time offers freedom to explore and create an 

atmosphere of mystery and romance so enjoy. Lastly, rediscover yourself;

many people need this time to connect with themselves and understand 

the makeup of who you are. Learn from time past, apply to the present 

and plan for the future. Summertime can empower people to find possibly 

a soulmate but for sure it will blend some fun and sun in your search. 

     The don’ts: Although summertime is wonderful there can be some 

mishaps and broken hearts. A common mistake made is the need to find 

a relationship early: time is short but so aren’t relationships that people 

rush into; take your time and be patient. Another concern to be aware of 

Is don’t let your guard down; use your skills of communication; listen to 

what is being said and be a realist: don’t lose yourself in the whirlwind.

Finally, be yourself and not someone you want to be, so don’t lie.

All lies eventually come to a surface and if your hope is for a successful 

relationship and a romantic summer- be honest from the start.

                                   Good Luck !!

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