Through Sickness and Health

     The words through sickness and health is a major commitment in a relationship. Many couples say these words not really understanding what they really entail. This saying is a promise that each of you will be there for one another when all is good and when illnesses / accidents strike your lives. Love is a word that needs to grow during a relationship, it needs to enjoy the happy times and then endure your strength through the difficult times. There are no promises in life; one day all is well then the next day your world is upside down. Are you ready to commit fully to this possibility?

     When you are forced to deal with an illness or accident it can turn your life into an emotional and physical fear; you are now responsible for what happens in both your lives.  Some of the feelings could be stress, questioning, tension, desperation and self doubt. First, let me assure you that these feelings are normal and nothing to be ashamed of; those are human feelings that come into play during a crisis. However, the one concern that is vital is are you ready to keep your promise. The test of love can be no greater at this time. However, true love has no limitations. So let's look at a few ideas to help you cope and work through this unexpected life change.

     First, seek support; from family, friends and agencies. You need to share what you are feeling and communicate your concerns. Don’t feel you are alone in this: 

     Second, let your partner know you are there and together both of you can be helpful to each other. This the time to build confidence and security in your relationship. This is the time your vow takes full meaning; you both need to acknowledge the elephant in the room and gather as much inner strength and love that will ease the pain you Both feel.

     Third, do research; knowing what you are dealing with may be difficult but by accessing knowledge you are focusing on positive emotions.

     Fourth, stay healthy; take care of yourself, both physical and mental; by doing this you and your vow will be strong and supportive

                                       Good Luck !!

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