Transitions happen all the time in some form of relationship; Transitions such as jobs, finances, marriage, children, divorce and death is some of the many challenges you may face as a couple. How you and your partner react to these types of challenges will certainly tell much about your love for one another. This article will attempt to offer some points on facing those challenges together.

     First point: Set time aside to talk about the transition with your partner; not involving them is wrong, selfish and unproductive; remember, in a relationship there are two people and together some great ideas can be found.

     Second point: research the change which is about to happen; being prepared for whatever occurrences may happen is always a smart thing.The world today is full of knowledge, with internet, books, magazines and videos so there is no excuse for not being ready. The more you both know the easier it will be to address the issue.

     Third point: be true to yourself; don’t hide your feelings. Whether this transition is  good or bad, you and your partner will both have feelings. Share them and if necessary get out of your comfort zone and seek out others who have faced the same transition; this could be family, friends or even professional counseling; it never hurts to have another person’s opinion.

    Fourth point: provide emotional support for one another, good or bad news, we all need support.  This is the perfect time to blend your feelings with each other; as in all relationships, communication is an important part of your connection; types of communication can be verbal or non verbal; sometimes just a hug can speak volumes.

    Finally, facing transitions are part your life experiences; face them with your partner and come together as one.

                                       Good Luck !! 

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