Ring Care Guide

Always give your finger a break now and then. It’s good practice to take it off before bed to let your skin breathe. While you’re doing that, go ahead and clean it up. Here are some tips to keep it shining:

Black Zirconium Rings
Use mild soap and water to clean and a soft cloth to dry/polish. Black Zirconium is a two-toned metal, so over time you may see some silver shine through. That is totally normal and it gets even cooler looking with age.
Cobalt Chrome Rings
Use mild soap and water to clean and a soft cloth to dry/polish. These guys are scratch resistant but not scratch proof. A professional buffing at a local jeweler will shine them back up. And then, of course, you can say you’re buff…or you have been buffed.
Damascus/Stainless Steel Rings
While you can totally just wash these with mild soap and water, we recommend a mild toothpaste and toothbrush. Stainless does NOT like Chlorine OR Salt Water, so keep this guy out of the pool lest they rust! If they ever show signs of rust, you can use baking soda or a baking soda toothpaste. Also, regular wearing of the ring helps keep it nice and shiny!
Diamond Inset Rings
Diamond inset rings should not be cleaned by ultrasonic nor steam and must be checked by a local jeweler a couple times a year. Besides this, mild soap and water work great to shine it back up.
Gold Rings
Wash with mild soap and water or fine jewelry cleaner. Gold is a softer metal than the others, so it may scratch over time. You can take it to a local jeweler to get it buffed out for a small fee.
Meteorite Inlay Rings
"Your ring is sealed with an invisible sealant, but just know - since Meteorite is composed mostly of iron, oxidation and rusting are always possible. Exposure to oxidizing agents such as chlorine, bleach or salt can change the pH of the Meteorite and increase chances of rusting. So can prolonged submersion in water! So chemicals found in household cleaners, pools, hot tubs and even salt water should be avoided. And don't take this guy swimming. And there's your excuse for not being able to clean the bathroom...

But for serious, you can use a little baking soda (or even baking soda toothpaste) and a toothbrush to clean up any rust that appears. Just be sure to always rinse and dry thoroughly. Trace amounts of water can be removed by soaking in acetone. Applying oils will not be helpful. There is an invisible sealant that is already applied to Meteorite. If you have some oxidation occur, reach out to us and we will refinish it for you. Know your ring is covered for any issues under your FREE Lifetime “no hassle” warranty, so don't fret!"
Titanium Rings
These guys are tough but it never hurts to clean up your band every so often. Wash with dish soap to get rid of any nasties. An old toothbrush can really get in there if you have an intricate design. Then shine with a little Windex. Voila!
Tungsten Rings
Wash with mild soap and water. These guys are SUPER tough, but they lose their luster in the presence of harsh chemicals (bleach, Lysol, etc.) Also know that tile floors are tungsten’s kryptonite, so maybe take him off in the bedroom at night instead of the bathroom...Tungsten can be broken apart with vice grip pliers in an emergency.
Wood/Dinosaur Bone Rings
"Our standard rings are water-resistant, not waterproof. Our jeweler has sealed the wood in with a durable jewelry resin, but try to remember not to swim or shower with it. Soap and water is fine to wash it, should you work up a good sweat outdoors. If the wood or antler inside gets wet, it will expand and ruin your ring. Obvious water damage to standard rings will void your one year “no hassle” warranty.

Although we still don't recommend wearing this during your Ironman, our Founder's Line and Custom rings are still covered under your FREE Lifetime “no hassle” warranty. We use a more premium sealant for these rings, so they can handle more, but we still don't recommend submerging them in water. Also avoid lifting heavy metal items and keep away from harsh chemicals. So leave these at home when you hit the gym, beach or the pool. Everyday showering, cooking, hand washing, etc is all safe. "