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Black is the color of mystery, of the “Unknown,” and maybe, even a little bit of darkness. Black doesn't speak many words, but it speaks to them with authority. The world knows to take a “Man-In-Black” seriously, and with caution. But that doesn't mean you are a bad guy; Just a “Bad-Ass.”

See, just because they don't know what you are capable of, that doesn't mean it's going to be a bad thing. Sure, they always portray the hero of the story as the “White Hat Cowboy,” but we all know just how many heroes have actually worn black. It's sleek, sexy, and can take the dirt and dust of getting the job done. So let them call you dark and brooding. A dark knight still keeps the city's streets safe at night. So check out our collection of Black Wedding Rings, and find that Black Ring as incredible as you are!