The blackish color will never fade, unlike our black plated tungsten friends.

  • Lightweight

    great for dudes who have never worn a ring before

  • Strong

    won’t bend or break under pressure

  • Hypoallergenic

    safe for the most sensitive of manly hands

  • Chemical Resistant

    for doctors, chemists and hand sanitizer addicts

A Brief History of

Black Zirconium

  1. Zirconium

    Zirconium itself isn't a completely new element. In fact, Zircon, the mineral where Zirconium is found, was mentioned in the friggin' Bible, which makes Zircon approximately a few weeks younger than dirt itself. The element Zirconium was first discovered in 1789, and first obtained in an impure form in 1824. A full century later, Zirconium was finally made into a metallic form man could use.

  2. The Development - William Justin

    But it wasn't until 1945, when William Justin Kroll developed his process for refining the element, that Zirconium really became a meaningful metal for industrial use. Yes, you're right, bro. That is the same dude who tamed mighty Titanium.

    William Justin Kroll
  3. #ExplosionsAreTheBomb

    Today, Black Zirconium is content being used for some rather mundane purposes, like nuclear reactors, submarines and incendiary munitions… You know, boring stuff. Stuff no manly man has any interest in. None whatsoever.